Zhoushan terminal adds 5 routes, the total number of routes will reach 12 cm68.com

A number of new Zhoushan terminal 5 Routes Total flights will reach 12 in September 20th 8 in the morning, with a Misty drizzle early autumn morning, "Muller Kano", carrying 147 TEUs slowly into the Zhejiang Zhoushan Jintang container terminal handling operations, is expected to be completed at 3 in the afternoon after moving to the next port. The reporter learned from the Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhoushan to understand, "Muller, port of departure for Taiwan Kano" Kaohsiung, via Zhoushan, Shanghai, South Korea, Busan, the final destination for Russian Eastern Port, the Zhoushan port of call sign of Jintang large Pukou port international routes added to 11, is expected there will be 1 Russian route hang the big Pukou terminal, then the total number of flights will reach 12. Since September, 5 international routes in Pukou port are successively added, 4 Russian routes and 1 routes to Burma, Russia, South Korea and the main way to Southeast Asian countries, involving the Russian Far East, Ma Shiji, CMA-CGM and many other large shipping companies. This is since July 2015, the big Pukou pier once again ushered in the Russian line. The addition of new routes has changed the monotony of the big Pukou only the African line and the central east line, attracting customers and developing new power for the port. The new route is expected after joining the Pukou terminal monthly inbound and outbound (Hong Kong) close to the ship 100 ships, container throughput reached 80 thousand teus. In order to ensure the terminal efficiency of customs clearance, support line of business development, inspection and quarantine departments launched a series of measures to facilitate, one is terminal 24 hours on duty to ensure strict control and quarantine risk; two is to take the "5+2" mode of container quarantine, ensure the container clearance rate; three is the entry container for scientific risk analysis, reduce low the risk of container opening rate even exemptions, to ensure the maximum efficiency of customs clearance. With the Ningbo port of Zhoushan to accelerate the pace of integration, Ningbo, Zhoushan inspection and quarantine institutions are also accelerating the process of cooperation, with 5 new routes in Zhoushan, Zhoushan port will form a non west line and the main line of the Russian port characteristics, focus on the advantages for the owner to provide more convenient services, to attract more domestic and foreign customers. Ningbo Zhoushan two Hong Kong in the optimal allocation of resources is also more reasonable, in speeding up port integration at the same time, the two gradually realize the unified data sharing, law enforcement standard, to achieve full integration.

舟山一码头新增5条航线 总航线数量将达到12条9月20日上午8时,伴随着初秋早晨的朦胧细雨,“穆勒肯诺”号装载147标箱缓缓驶入浙江舟山金塘集装箱码头,预计在当天下午3时完成装卸作业后向下一港进发。记者从浙江舟山检验检疫局了解到,“穆勒肯诺”号始发港为台湾高雄,途经舟山、上海、韩国釜山,最终目的港为俄罗斯东方港,这次停靠舟山港标志着金塘大浦口码头国际航线新增至11条,预计接下来还将有1条俄罗斯航线挂靠大浦口码头,届时总航线数量将达到12条。进入9月以来,大浦口码头陆续新增的5条国际航线,分别是4条俄罗斯航线和1条缅甸航线,主要途经俄罗斯、韩国与东南亚各国,涉及俄远东、马士基、达飞等多家大型船公司。这是自2015年7月之后,大浦口码头再次迎来俄罗斯线。新航线的加入,改变了之前大浦口只有非洲线和中东线的单调局面,为码头吸引客户、开拓业务注入新动力。新航线加入后,预计大浦口码头每月进出境(港)船舶接近100艘次,集装箱吞吐量达8万标箱。为保证码头通关效率,支持航线业务发展,检验检疫部门推出了一系列便利措施,一是保证码头24小时值班,严控检疫风险;二是采取“5+2”模式进行集装箱检疫,保证了集装箱的放行速度;三是将入境集装箱进行科学风险分析,减少低风险集装箱开箱率甚至免查,最大限度保证了通关效率。随着宁波舟山港整合步伐加快,宁波、舟山两地检验检疫机构也正在加快合作进程,伴随着5条新航线落户舟山,舟山港将形成以西非线与俄罗斯线为主的港口特色,集中优势为货主提供更为便捷的服务,吸引更多的国内外客户,宁波舟山两港在资源的优化配置上也更趋合理,在加快港口一体化整合的同时,逐步实现两地数据共享、执法标准尺度统一,达到全方位一体化。相关的主题文章: