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Zhejiang: Wuyi dream "between the green mountains and rivers rich green beauty" – Beijing, Beijing, October 30 Jinhua Xinhua (reporter Xi Jinyan Intern Chen Jie) "Yin cliff with beauty, warm valley spit trickle Creek, central Zhejiang hinterland of the depths of a storied mask Cui," hot spring city "shine like ornament a bright pearl in the green belt between the. In Zhejiang Wuyi, "" like bath muscle bone in the natural hot springs health charm dripping show, scattered villages flow between the hundred years of mottled time, the nature of the depiction of the cliff Canyon extraordinary as if done by the spirits left the world quiet beauty…… It is such a hidden in the depths of the mountains of the mountain city, was also one of the 26 relatively underdeveloped counties (cities, districts) in Zhejiang. In 2015, according to the unified deployment of the Zhejiang provincial government, Wuyi successfully removed the "underdeveloped county" hat. "The ‘st’, we lock a ‘green’ word, put forward" development ideas of ecological development, green rise ", make Wuyi more beautiful scenery vitality, rich green beauty become development ”." Jinhua Municipal Committee, Wuyi county Party Secretary Zhong Guanhua said. In the process of "Zhaimao run" in Wuyi in-depth implementation of the "Ecological County, industrial county, tourism, science and technology in the strategy of developing the county economy, with the rise of green development in this essay. Today, Wuyi county urban and rural residents per capita disposable income reached 30713 yuan and 13672 yuan, respectively, up 9.2% and 10%; per capita income of low-income households reached 8470 yuan, an increase of 22.5%, of which over 8000 yuan of farmers in the proportion of 56.7%. The ecological background of Polish smitten autumn season, walking in the southwest of Wuyi County Yuyuan village in the landscape garden, as the pastoral village of ink. The ancient house in a hundred years of circulation in the silent, gurgling stream of light to play a song for a hundred years of river song. Ecology, is a most basic color green rise in Wuyi, knew quite well, making a beautiful environment "combined" ecological advantages into development advantages. In April this year, Wuyi will gradually village renovation work and the county to carry out the "two chaos" rectification work combined by township and village two composition investigation team, in accordance with the "illegally built not down" the standard to carry out illegal Paimo, establish archives with illegal construction, the village Party members and cadres and villagers’ representatives take the lead from the demolition, fenpianbaogan, demolition of a pin number one. In the streets of Wuyi County under the former Office of Baiyang village, a top-down illegal action is hot start. "I am village cadre, the illegal building of his home does not tear down, how does the job still go on?" Before the village office director Lv Liping will use their own houses and open space in front of an area of 200 square meters to build a steel shed, do a shrink film processing field. In the three changes a split boom, he had to do his wife, mother of the ideological work, and called on the more than and 10 illegal personnel, the removal of all in one day, fired the first shot of the village illegal. Along with dusty, rumbling sound, illegal buildings have collapsed; villages in the buildings, trees, dirty and messy in a city to change the "golden pass";)相关的主题文章: