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Zhao Wei was in Venice when the judges in Toronto Zhang Ziyi Fan Bingbing Zhao Wei Entertainment – Sohu seckill scenery of Venice when the judges, Zhang Ziyi Fan Bingbing was dressed up in Toronto a few left Li Shouzhi Street reprint link QQ13867615 now the global film festival also prosperity, so many, in addition to various domestic and international film Festival Awards, the film festival is so small. In many international film festival in Venice, and the Toronto International Film Festival is a famous and influential, but the film festival in the domestic influence, if not for China films or star in, estimated that rarely seen relevant reports, this year because there are several Diva join and help it the two film festival in China to enhance the visibility and influence. The Venice Film Festival this year because Chinese films not to mention in the Star Awards, and the number of sensational effects are generally summed up just three things; one is China actress Zhao Wei when the film festival jury, although this does not have much influence Chinese works, but Zhao Wei when the judges also counted as Chinese movie glory the second is Zhang Yuqi; sexy red carpet is more stunning; again is Chinese actress red carpet wrestling fell out of the breast pump has become an important episode of speculation. In short, a few days later, the Venice Film Festival in Chinese sight to neither painful nor itching closing, who don’t care about winning all don’t know, but not Chinese, so all the headlines closing of the consumer is still the reputation of Zhao Wei. But to tell the truth, although the network media did not spare praise for the shape of Zhao Wei was praised, but in fact is a bit exaggerated. As a general audience, the evaluation did not have any subjective feelings, the closing ceremony of the Zhao Wei body styling, hair design, whether it is clothing, facial makeup and even shoes that everything is completely failed, did not bring out Zhao Wei’s elegant, fully exposed the weakness of the old black and round. Although you want to go with the simple style of hair, but Zhao Wei is not suitable, but also can not control this type. The white dress is carved rough heavy cloak is monotonous, superfluous seems redundant is wrapped in a quilt came out, Zhao Wei is adornment bloated, facial makeup is also very rough, plus some close shots, in the other whether near or are failure. And then we will divert attention from Europe to North America in Toronto, almost at the same time the film festival, where the Zhao Wei sisters had the old topic, as Zhao Wei Fan Bingbing has been acting in, but they really have been talking a few left dress Zhao Wei street, this is a pretty sexy temperament style stunning, across the globe are seckill Zhao Wei. Let’s look at the same is in Toronto Zhang Ziyi, and Zhao Wei is the same age as judges, known almost, also gave birth to the child, but no body spirit or dress, although not as sexy Fan Bingbing is quite amazing, but the spirit of the aura, not to fight the chest than after.相关的主题文章: