Zhangzhou, a 19 year old youth who suffered from disease emerge in tumor ssdao

Zhangzhou, a 19 year old youth who suffered from disease emerge in tumor – lying in bed a little. Less (alias) is 19 years old, from Longhai. At the age of 7, she diagnosed a tumor in her leg, which was treated in her hometown and underwent simple resection. In September this year, just ready to repeat the diagnosis again, there is a tumor, have to abandon the "university dream", continue to treat. In August 29th, fewer and fewer hospitals from their hometown were transferred to Zhongshan hospital for treatment. At present, his neck, shoulders, thighs, legs have found tumors, doctors can not be diagnosed exactly what kind of disease. Few families have spent a lot of money for treatment, they call the hotline hotline 5589999 for help, hope that good people can help them. Was found in the brain of multiple tumor little brother-in-law Mr. Zheng said the reporter trainee reporter Jiang Yufeng Yang Lili was on hand when the tumor, little brain aneurysm is found at the end of August this year. Because the tumor in the hand needs to be removed, the operation needs to be anesthetized at the shoulder, but at the time of anesthesia, the doctor finds that there is also a small amount of hemangioma in the shoulder. Doctors think it’s strange to have a shoulder length that can spread to the brain, so it’s better to check your head less. After the examination, the results showed that the right brain had a maximum diameter of 15 cm. At that time, the hospital think the operation is difficult, it is recommended to reduce to Xiamen hospital treatment. After the Zhongshan hospital, the doctor advised young pioneers to remove brain tumors. In September 2nd, it took less than 10 hours of surgery to remove part of the right brain tumor, but a small part of it was in a special position, close to the blood vessel, and the surgery was too risky to be removed. Less and less uncle said, less from 7 years old began to find a tumor on the body, to Xiamen after medical treatment has spent 200 thousand yuan. Few parents have no fixed income, only by doing odd jobs to support the family, how much money can not be earned a day, the meager income can not support the less operating costs. Without my friends and relatives, my child was gone." Less and less father choked said, in order to cure, from friends and relatives there to 250 thousand yuan, but have spent all the time, the follow-up treatment costs like a bottomless pit, they want to get help from everyone. During the interview, few parents mentioned the redness of the eye when they mentioned little illness. They recall, first found in the tumor of two but has spent twenty thousand cry in one another’s arms, think about it can cure, did not expect so serious, son of the tumor now diffuse and systemic. Sick in the entrance to play mad just repeat and suffered blow on brain tumor tumor resulted in less normal sitting, walking limp. Fewer doctors are introduced, if the legs of the tumor does not undergo surgery, less likely to paralysis. At present, the condition of the disease is uncertain, the report sent to Beijing, the need for expert identification. There were only a few who had been able to move, and had to lie on one side, not speak loudly, and tremble. Less say less, this year’s college entrance examination did not test well, chose to repeat. "Now I have no goals. I’ve been hospitalized. I wanted to go to the exam before.

漳州一19岁青年遭遇怪病 从小身上不断冒出肿瘤   -躺在病床上的少少。   少少(化名)今年19岁,来自龙海。7岁那年诊断出腿部有肿瘤,当时在家乡治疗,进行了简单的切除。今年9月,刚准备复读的少少再次诊断出身上 有肿瘤,只得放弃“大学梦”,继续治病。8月29日,少少从家乡的医院转入中山医院治疗。目前,他的脖子、肩膀、大腿、小腿都发现了肿瘤,医生还无法确诊 究竟是何种病。少少的家属为了治病已经花费了很多积蓄,他们拨打本报市民热线5589999求助,希望有好心人能够帮助他们。   文 图记者江雨丰见习记者杨莉莉   切除手上的肿瘤时竟发现脑部有多个肿瘤   少少的姐夫郑先生说,少少脑部的血管瘤是在今年8月底发现的。因为手上有肿瘤需要切除,做手术的时候需要在肩部进行麻醉,但在麻醉时医生发现少 少的肩部也有血管瘤。医生觉得长在肩部比较奇怪,有扩散到脑内的可能,建议少少检查一下头部。检查报告出来后,结果显示少少的右脑存在一个最大径达15公 分的血管瘤。当时就诊的医院认为手术难度较大,建议少少转到厦门的医院治疗。到了中山医院之后,医生建议少少先切除脑部的肿瘤。9月2日,少少进行了长达 10个小时的手术,切除了右脑的部分肿瘤,但还有小部分位置特殊、靠近血管,手术风险太大,无法切除。   少少的大伯说,少少从7岁开始发现身上长了肿瘤,到厦门就医后已经花了20万元。少少的父母没有固定收入,只能靠打一些零工养家,一天赚不到多少钱,微薄的收入根本无法支撑少少的手术费用。   “没有朋友亲属帮忙的话,我的小孩早就不在了。”少少的父亲哽咽着说,为了治病,从亲朋好友那里凑到了25万元,但是已经都花光了,后续的治疗费用像个无底洞,他们希望得到大家的帮助。   采访过程中,少少的父母一提到少少的病情就眼眶泛红。他们回忆,第一次发现肿瘤时两人抱头大哭,但一直以为花两万左右就可以治好,没有想到这么严重,儿子的肿瘤现在漫及全身。   带病参加高考发挥失常   刚复读又遭遇脑瘤打击   身上的肿瘤导致少少无法正常坐立,走路也一瘸一拐。少少的主治医生介绍,如果腿部的肿瘤不接受手术,少少很可能会瘫痪。目前少少的病情还无法确定,报告送往北京,需要专家鉴定。   刚刚动过手术的少少只能把头靠在一侧,不敢大声讲话,声音有些颤抖。少少说,今年高考没有考好,选择了复读。“现在我已经没有目标了,一直住院。以前最想去考医科大学,但是分数不够。”少少说,身边的同学都去读大学了,他希望有一天能够进入大学的校门。   郑先生说,初中时少少的学习成绩很好,各科总分能考800分左右。但后来病痛的折磨对少少的成绩有些影响,去年参加高考时少少腿部的肿瘤让他坐 在椅子上都疼痛难忍,坚持考完已经很不容易。“那时候少少就经常头晕,可能就是脑部的肿瘤影响了少少的发挥,成绩出来后并不理想。”落榜的少少依旧渴望上 大学,选择带病继续学习。今年刚刚上了8天的课,他就被检查出脑部有肿瘤。医生提醒少少:如果他大便或者咳嗽稍微用力,不小心导致颅内压升高,随时有生命 危险。   “现在一步步走过来心早碎了,但一直坚持没放弃。”郑先生悲伤地说。相关的主题文章: