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Your name. "The box office champion" black basket "than September 3, 2016 to 4 day Japanese domestic movie rankings released. Your name. "Killing spree, for 2 consecutive weeks for the list," sunspot basketball match winter collection ~ ~ "shadow and light but only got fourteenth place. Many anime yiyanbuge was touted as God, follow the trend of pushing, there are a lot of black people to follow suit. For example, some have no fire in Japan BL anime, is holding out to fag hag group, is actually not what nutrition. Your name. Is it the same? "Your name" to play three days to get 1 billion 280 million yen (about 83 million 930 thousand yuan) at the box office, second weekend 2 days 867 thousand people viewing, income of 1 billion 160 million yen (about 76 million 60 thousand yuan) at the box office for 2 consecutive weeks for the list, this week earnings up to 124.8% last week. After 10 days of screenings, 2 million 800 thousand visitors were observed, with the total box office breaking through 3 billion 800 million yen (about 250 million RMB). Your name. It swept across Japan like a whirlwind. In addition, the new "Godzilla" · 2 days over the weekend to get 200 thousand people viewing, grossed 320 million yen (about 20 million 980 thousand yuan). "Pet big secret" back to third, released 25 days to get 3 million people viewing, box office revenues exceeded 3 billion 500 million yen (about 230 million yuan). However, "sunspot basketball match winter collection ~ ~" shadow and light only won fourteenth prize, as a well-known animation theater version of the film, "your name is the original animation. Falling to the sky. What is the "idiotic powder Armageddon," is your name. Is it really great?

《你的名字。》票房独占鳌头 《黑篮》望尘莫及2016年9月3日到4日间的日本国内电影排行公布。《你的名字。》大杀特杀,连续2周占得榜首,《黑子的篮球 冬季赛总集篇~影与光~》却只拿到了第14名的成绩。很多动漫一言不合就被捧为神作,跟风推,跟风黑的人也有很多。比如一些在日本火得不行的BL动漫,全是腐女团给捧出来的,实际上并没有什么营养。《你的名字。》是否也是这样?《你的名字》播放的三日内获得12亿8000万日元(约合8393万人民币)票房,第二个星期周末2日内有86万7000人次观影,收入11亿6000万日元(约合7606万人民币)票房,连续2周占得榜首,本周收益高达上周的124.8%。放映10天获得280万人次观影,总票房突破38亿日元(约合2.5亿人民币)。《你的名字。》如同旋风般席卷整个日本。此外《新·哥斯拉》周末2天获得20万人次观影,收益票房3亿2000万日元(约合2098万人民币)。《爱宠大机密》退至第三名,上映25天内获得300万人次观影,票房总收入突破35亿日元(约合2.3亿人民币)。然而《黑子的篮球 冬季赛总集篇~影与光~》却只拿到第14名的成绩,作为知名动漫的剧场版电影,被原创动画《你的名字。》甩到天边。到底是新海诚的脑残粉毁天灭地,还是《你的名字。》真的优秀无比?相关的主题文章: