Xi Jinping on the party’s political life standards, the inner party supervision regulations stellarium

Xi Jinping stated on the original title of inner-party supervision criterion, the political life of the party: "on several criteria" on the political life of the party under the new situation and China "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" description of the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 2 November, Xi Jinping entrusted by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, the situation now, I have the "guiding principles" of political party life under the new situation and Chinese "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" drafting instructions to the plenary session. In February this year, the Politburo decided on the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee special party comprehensive strictly, some party political life standards formulated under the new situation, the revised "China Communist Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)", the establishment of document drafting group, headed by me, Liu Yunshan Wang Qishan, was appointed deputy leader, responsible for the relevant departments and local governments comrades, to work under the leadership of the Central Political Bureau Standing committee. A document drafted several considerations in carrying out the party’s mass line of educational practice and three strict three special education, many comrades have suggested that with the new situation, formulate a strengthen and regulate the political life of the party files. In January 12, 2014, I pointed out to Liu Yunshan, the instructions of Comrade Wang Qishan: "in 1980 to develop the" guiding principles for party political life ", for the time of recovery and improve the inner-party democracy, safeguard the unity of the party’s focus on serious party discipline, promote the unity of the party, politics, ideology, organization and style the implementation of the work of the whole party transfer center bring order out of chaos, and played an important role in history. At present, the "standard" has important practical significance for us to seriously and regulate the political life of the party, to carry forward the party’s fine tradition and style." "Over the past 30 years, great changes have taken place in the situation and the party’s situation. The party’s construction has accumulated a lot of new achievements and new experiences, and faced with many new situations and new problems. Would you please consider whether it is appropriate for the central government to make a decision on strengthening and standardizing the Party ‘s political life in the new situation and put forward new demands." Since the promulgation and implementation of the regulations of the Communist Party of China (for Trial Implementation) in December 31, 2003, it has played an active role in strengthening supervision within the party and maintaining the party’s unity and unity. At the same time, with the development and change of the situation and tasks, the new requirements of the Ordinance and the new practice does not adapt to the problem emerged. The development of the situation we need to revise the regulations on responsibility system, design, construction of the system around the system, strengthen the supervision of Party organizations at a higher level lower Party organizations and leading cadres do, clear responsibility, clear the main system, useful and effective. For some time, around the development of standards, amendments to the Ordinance, the authorities have done a lot of work. In 2014, the working group, which was attended by the comrades of the relevant departments, investigated and studied the issue of strengthening the party’s political life. According to the requirements of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection five, the Third Plenary Session of the party on the improvement of the supervision system, the Central Commission for discipline inspection organs have held a special meeting of the, to study the work of the supervision of the amendment of the regulations. These preliminary studies have made some important achievements, the Central Political Bureau comprehensive analysis, decided to use a central plenary session of this topic. Mainly in the following aspects. First, this is the perfect "four.相关的主题文章: