Xi Jinping arrived in Dhaka to begin a state visit to Bangladesh freelander2

Xi Jinping arrived in Dhaka for a state visit to Bangladesh – Beijing, Xi Jinping arrived in Dhaka for a state visit to Dhaka in October 14, Xinhua news agency, People’s Republic of Bangladesh (reporter Liu Chuntao Huang Yinjiazi) October 14th, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Dhaka, began a state visit to People’s Republic of Bangladesh. When Xi Jinping took the plane into the airspace of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Air Force fighter escort. Local time at 11:40 am, the plane arrived in Dhaka, Sharjah international airport. Xi Jinping stepped out of the door, the 21 gun salute. Bangladesh President Hamid and the government of Bangladesh main cabinet ministers meet in the gangway, warmly welcome to visit Xi Jinping. Children in Bangladesh offer flowers to Xi Jinping. Hamid held a welcoming ceremony for Xi Jinping at the airport. The two heads of state boarded the reviewing stand. The military band played the national anthems of bangladesh. Xi Jinping Hamid reviewed the guard of honor accompanied. Xi Jinping extended sincere greetings and best wishes to the people of bangladesh. Xi Jinping pointed out that the traditional friendship between the two countries has a long history. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 41 years ago, the relationship between Bangladesh and China has continued to develop. The friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries is in line with the interests of both countries and peoples, and has made positive contributions to the promotion of peace, stability and development in the region. China attaches great importance to the relationship between Bangladesh and Bangladesh is willing to work together to enhance bilateral relations and pragmatic cooperation to a higher level. I look forward to working with the leaders of China and Bangladesh Bangladesh relations issues of common concern in-depth exchange of views, the blueprint for bilateral cooperation, to jointly open a new chapter in relations between the two countries. Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and other officials arrived by the same plane. Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh, Ma Mingqiang also met at the airport. Xi Jinping arrived in Bangladesh after a state visit to Kampuchea. When leaving Kampuchea, Kampuchea’s deputy prime minister and royal palace minister Gonsano and Prince of Wales, Princess Allen and other royal family members and government officials to the airport to see off. Xi Jinping eleven farewell with them. The local people holding Cambodia leaders portrait, waving national flags and flowers, waiting on the road to the airport on both sides, warmly welcome China delegation. Before leaving Kampuchea, Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen made a special trip to the Xi Jinping Hotel, with Xi Jinping cordial farewell. President Hong Sen congratulated Xi Jinping on his success on a state visit to Kampuchea, said that this visit will deepen bilateral pragmatic cooperation in various fields, the benefit of both countries and peoples. Xi Jinping pointed out that I had in-depth exchanges with the leaders of Kampuchea. I see the rich fruits of tremendous achievements in national construction in Kampuchea and Cambodia comprehensive strategic cooperation, to feel the profound friendship between the two peoples in cambodia. I believe in the joint efforts of both sides, bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership will continue to move forward. Bangladesh is the second stop of Xi Jinping’s visit. Xi Jinping will also attend the meeting in India. The leaders of the BRIC countries held eighth times.相关的主题文章: