Wuli and her husband Hu Ge to eat seafood pizza, Changsha sister paper flip! – Sohu to eat and drink candle june

Wuli and her husband Hu Ge to eat seafood pizza, Changsha sister paper flip! Sohu food and drink collection! To send sugar! Your great husband Hu Ge incarnation of Captain strong Shuabing. Seafood Carnival: Wow ~wuli husband was handsome burst out of the new pizza hut articles are not her sister, oh king group as a pursuit of the chowhound organization must be the first time to know where the new and decisively to the fastest speed to taste a little…… as the most popular first annual season of the new Pizza Hut restaurant menu is about to give to their chowhound taste bud and visual surprises, can be said to be amazing! Late Thursday, a carnival feast of seafood pizza they simply have a chowhound hi awfully had to admit that Pizza Hut every time on a heart Xindu is presented in this hot season this season the seafood menu is the theme of "seafood Carnival" escape off a also cannot hide seafood the new high will turn new seafood feast the autumn sea Carnival started pizza…… The cheese is hot…… The guy who provoked chowhound biubiubiu in expanding appetite…… Net of fresh beauty, Shrimp balls cuttlefish, octopus, fish seed pizza, ensure you can’t help? Pizza bread is full, bite, delicious seafood to occupy the whole mouth, there is a full of cheese. Sea feast when salmon and steak are rich reeky sprinkle black pepper, and will impact how to spark? Pan-Fried Beef Steak with Black Pepper chewing up special strength, salmon bite up very tender, the taste is very delicious. Coupled with a little spicy black pepper sauce, so that the whole tongue in the dance. Italian bread asparagus pepperoni Italian bread and asparagus pepperoni sell is excellent, Italian Sauce, Kraft cheese and pepperoni, collocation delicious asparagus and Pizza Hut fresh italian bread, homemade crisp soft, fragrant and delicious. Bread crisp feel tongue to a climax, and crisp bread with the secret of Italy with a half a collocation small tomato asparagus, pepperoni, wrapped, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, delicious to fly ~ Huang Feihong Xiangxiang hot spicy chicken chicken this dish really spicy to its name, but the chicken itself the aroma of spicy or break through the siege. Make love to eat meat, picked up a piece of it into his mouth, was hot enough, the most unbelievable is a long time for a long time to stay in the mouth spicy. Spanish style seafood pasta featured Q delicious shrimp and elastic chewy squid, add boiling with a variety of vegetables and spices Spanish flavor sauce, pasta and stir fry tasty, fragrant and lingering lips. Lime Lemongrass drink from Thailand citronella comes with a hint of lemon, and collocation of fresh lemon slices, more exudes a charming fresh taste. Cecil entrance warm, sweet, taste sand相关的主题文章: