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The winter run up, give your baby to eat it – this Sohu mother autumn season, can give the baby to eat some nourishing food supplements, such as heat fluid, spleen appetizer, autumn lotus, rather than fish and meat and other ingredients, no additional lotus root to the spleen and stomach burden, better digestion. A treasure lotus, autumn Lotus’ s fill, when the fresh lotus root listing, dry weather can add some lotus to the baby, will play heat, Runzao, sedative effect, add a few pieces of red dates, add soup sweetness, let the baby more love and oh because of lotus root starch content is relatively high for the baby, it can replace part of the staple food, so when doing the cooking, no extra rice or millet. If there is Soybean Milk machine would be very convenient, if not before their cooking is also very simple Oh ~ Baby add the food supplement, to ensure the baby on the inside of the food allergy! 458 8M+ 276 fragrant lotus lotus root soup ribs meatloaf and Rice-meat dumplings 11M+ 254 lotus mud 6M+ lotus root soup recipe: Lotus 80g, red dates 4 red dates (amount of food for a family of three): no seasoning cooking methods: Cooking reference month: 8 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the prompt: the ingredients are not allergic to the baby. * * 1 practice to prepare ingredients: lotus root 80g, red dates 4. PS: this soup Gengbao mom can also drink oh, beauty and nourishing, the same amount for a family of three to drink. 2 red dates 15 minutes early, soaked in boiling water, after soaking the red dates, red dates to peel off the skin. PS: red dates soaked skin slowly swell, more easy to peel. 3 the lotus root peeled, chopped. PS: the lotus eyes if the sediment it is difficult to clean, the best choice of two complete so buy lotus lotus lotus when. 4 lotus cold water pot, boil, then simmer for 15 minutes. PS: mom buy treasure skin color smooth and yellowish brown lotus, there have been washed, sliced, will sell best in Lotus may be chemicals citric acid soaking, color is white, is not recommended to buy. If it is already cut lotus root, lotus root can see vent in the middle, general ventilation holes big lotus is juicy. 5 will be a good red jujube peel to nuclear. 6 then the red dates into the pot. 7 small fire to simmer for 10 minutes. 8 during the use of a few more stirring spoon. 9 cooked red dates lotus root soup poured into the blender, blend into the delicate red dates lotus root soup. 10 a good mix of red dates lotus root soup into the bowl, if you give the baby to drink, want to let the lotus red dates soup taste more delicate, can also be used to filter out oh! 11 a bowl of fresh and sweet red dates lotus root soup is ready! The following 10 months of the baby can do for the baby’s meal, and then some big baby can only do snacks or soup with yo ~ WeChat public number, collect the baby nutrition food supplement "相关的主题文章: