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Why many traditional snacks throughout the China Economic Forum of 50 members of the Zhou Qiren Qin town first business, not only selling rice, also sell rice production technology. Common food for sale, some of their own hiring an apprentice, apprentice learn technology attracted away, or even start, but also some. But like the Qin Zhen rice so that every sale put up a pageantry production technology, don’t care about the commercial secrets of the loss, not too exaggeration? Why many traditional snacks can travel the country into the Qin Town, dozens of eateries lined up along the road, every family to sign for rice. The snack shop facade of course not metropolis chains, but see the shabby street full of parked cars and Pakistan, You’ll see. Qin town not langdexuming. Made a rice rice in local produce. Production process includes soaking rice, grinding and steaming, and then the master when the customer’s face, with a heavy sword cut into thin strips, with special chili oil (called "Youpo"), vinegar and salt, plus cucumber and bean sprouts, a bowl of red, it seems to eat "fine, soft rib, thin, cool and delicious", first serve. Pericarp usually cold food, so it is called cold noodle. There is a dough made from wheat and rice in Guanzhong area, together referred to as the cold noodle. Speaking, a rice origin. According to legend, during the reign of Qin Shihuang, there is a severe drought year, Qin Zhen rice more farmers to complete the grain husks barnyard, tribute task. A local farmer named Li Shier, rice water mix will lay the wet, crushed into a paste and Rice noodles, steamed, cut into strips, the earliest silverskin tribute made emperor exultation, James Qin Zhen silverskin tribute to the imperial court. Later, the twenty-three year, Qin Zhen steamed rice every family, in memory of Li Shier. Custom and production skills from rice from generation to generation, Shaanxi has become a local well-known snacks history. My hometown is not the cold noodle. Later down the countryside between the mountains, I do not know what the cold noodle. The first time to eat cold noodle is last century again in 80s at Xi’an, found colleague Professor Song Guoqing now, would rather give up the conference meals to the street to eat cold noodle. Follow him squat in the street to eat a bowl, then know what to any place on a cold noodle, then do not choose other cold noodle. Three weeks ago in Xi’an City, the first face everything, but I see Qin town name, leaving enough time, a car went straight to the town of qin. To feel shy, tens of minutes to go (because the road), just a bowl of rice to eat it. Not willing to, but also to mobilize the driver and I eat a bowl. After dinner, walk around the town, look at the signs of the snack bar. Write a lot of "old", should not be strange, craft started from the emperor era, is the operation of a hundred years is still very young. But at least 10 hit "old Xue" banner, do not understand what is true. "The horse, they stop very vivid, before the words of history, after saying now. Enjoy the most is: "I would rather eat a thousand times, do not want to eat a thousand people," put the original simplicity of the Guanzhong people are now pursuing a long-term business interests. "Special silverskin" plain ").相关的主题文章: