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Why headache after hypoxia – Sohu health Zhang Junhai, PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of Neurosurgery, hypoxia (hypoxia) is due to the tissue oxygen supply or oxygen barrier, and lead to pathological process, metabolic function and morphology changes of the organization. Hypoxia is a common pathological process in clinical diseases. In addition, due to a significant reduction in arterial oxygen content leading to insufficient tissue oxygen supply, also known as hypoxemia (hypoxemia). Headache, dizziness symptoms occurred after hypoxia is one of the most common and most important, have a greater impact on human health and work ability. The occurrence of headache, dizziness and hypoxia on or more common. S e e r i n g a U S et al. Found that C B (cerebral blood flow) increased after hypoxia, and C B F increased more in people with severe headache in H (F). Increase the cerebral blood flow over not only the static pressure of blood volume and blood brain caused by increased mechanical effect of headache, and C B F increase is easy to damage the endothelium, vascular water and other ingredients (protein) and brain edema caused by vascular leakage occurred headache. Therefore, C B F, hypoxia is an important cause of excessive increase of headache, dizziness and hypoxia. But the long-term hypoxic hypoxia, cerebral vascular dilatation, brain blood volume is too large, venous pressure increased, resulting in dizziness, headache, mechanical. Cerebrovascular compliance changes, and lead to less headache and dizziness. Therefore, living in hypoxia’s headache, dizziness, in addition to the C B F caused by the excessive increase of headache, dizziness, cerebral vascular elasticity, low C B F reduction is an important cause of headache and dizziness.相关的主题文章: