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Health Hair extensions can give you that Hollywood look that you are after, long thick mass hair with texture . Hair extensions used to be the secret of Hollywood stars but the cat is now out of the bag and anybody who desires to modify their image can do so without breaking the bank. The look of your hair can be improved by adding more hair . These include sewing, clipping, gluing and tubing. However, the most preferred method of hair weaving is hair extensions through fusion. The major reasons why fusion hair extensions are so popular are; the results last a long time from 5 – 6 months, the process is painless and lasts approximately 15 minutes . For a natural look getting fusion hair extensions attached to your roots is the way to go . Fusion can be used for either hot or cold fusions hair extensions. While hot fusion uses hot glue to bind the extensions, cold fusion hair extensions are bonded by using keratin-based polymer that is attached to your roots one stand at a time. Instead of heat, this method works by using ultra sonic waves (or rapid impulses). What Makes Cold Fusion Popular People who love weft hair favour cold fusion hair extensions although it is a relatively a new routine . Both hot and cold fusion caters for astounding results with a natural look and longer lasting. But it is apparent people are favouring cold fusion extensions for a valid reason . Hot fusion necessitates the use of hot glue to adhere the extensions to the root of your hair. Some people have reported burning and scalp damage . Cold fusion uses ultrasonic waves which are a lot kinder and will not result in burning . Some other advantage of cold fusion extensions is that it could last longer .pared to extensions that were put in using hot fusion. The keratin-based polymer is a elastic substance which implies your hair extensions will not look or feel stiff, giving them a more natural look . If you desire cold fusion hair extensions to blend perfectly with your existing hair, it is advisable that they are implemented by a pro . Since this hair extensions method utilizes no type of heat, they are great for people with thin or very fine hair. If you have no budget restraints and need the finest hair extensions conceivable than you need to get 100% human hair applied using the cold fusion method . Because, the extensions will last a good deal longer, look more natural, easy application giving you the sought after look of full luscious hair than you have dreamt of . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: