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Margin: every night on the inside only two super outstanding center [star] Whiteside had a career high 32 points and 13 rebounds. Here the main Tencent sports news November 23rd now in the league, there have been very few, like Olajuwon O’neal, Yao Ming center, many people think that in front of die, this is a guard time. But in an interview today, the heat inside Hassan – Whiteside believes that the league has a lot of very good center, only two teams do not have a good number five players. The white side said no shortage of Super League inside play, Whiteside and Nebid and Okafor had just played against the next game, he will face Drummond, and after that, he also needs to face Mark Gasol. So when people talk about the topic of the center, Whiteside will be a little confused. "I don’t know who they are. If they think the NBA center is dead, they’re not watching the game. In the center, there is no game that makes me feel relaxed." Play against the 76 games, Whiteside scored the occupation career high 32 points, but 76 people here, we de scored 22 points, Okafor got 15 points. "Even Nebid, after the end of the game, said," we’re bringing the center back. So I don’t know who those who say that the center is dead, but look at the game, every night I am with Howard, Drummond, and so on." The new season, Whiteside and Vu Che Vecchi, Paul – Gasol, cousins, Varin Hugh Nath, Howard, et al. Gobert played immediately, he will usher in a small Gasol and Drummond. "There are a lot of excellent centers in this league, maybe only two teams don’t have that kind of really good center, and just before I met Gortat, he is also very good." Which two teams did not have a good center, Whiteside did not explain clearly. And Nebid believes that the inside players are entering the discussion. "There are a lot of good young players in the league and I think we’re starting to return. As big players, we all want to be better with each other, and it’s always been a big league, so I hope it stays." Tomorrow, 76 people in the home court against the Grizzlies, Germany will usher in a small Gasol embid. The heat will play against the pistons tomorrow. This summer, the heat and Whiteside signed a 4 year contract of $98 million, and now he has become a pillar of the heat, leading the team forward. "He’s getting better and better, becoming more competitive," said Miami coach Spoelstra. "More importantly, every night, he tries to take responsibility and lead the team to win, and then he will be better. We don’t know how far the team can play this year, but we will try to build some good habits." This season, Whiteside played 33.2 minutes, you can get a score of 18.8 points and 2.7 rebounds in 15.9 blocks. (see) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise.相关的主题文章: