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Business It’s prom night. Your date is standing by your front door, waiting patiently while you grab those "last few things" that you need with you. You grab your purse, hurriedly shove in a few odds and ends, and make a mad dash for the door. About three hours later, the overblown bass has you on the brink of a major headache. You reach into your purse and realize that you left the small bottle of aspirin you’d planned to bring with on your dresser as did all of your girlfriends. This kind of scenario is easily avoided. The purse you take to prom will not, most likely, one you use on a daily basis, so you can pack it and set it aside without any inconvenience. There are three things you absolutely have to bring with. Feminine products You won’t need them for two weeks. Or so you think, until you have an unpleasant accident half an hour into the dance. It’s Murphy’s Law. The things that are most inconvenient will happen at the worst possible moment. Simply put, if you don’t pack a small pad or tampon, you’ll probably end up needing one before the night is done. Over the counter pain relievers Whether it’s a headache from the bass, a toe ache from a dance partner who can’t stop stomping on your feet, or a twisted knee from too high heels, you’ll end up with a reason to regret not having packed some pain relievers. Even if you don’t end up needing one, someone you know may. After all, if you’d just tripped over your heels and needed Tylenol ASAP, you’d want one of your girlfriends to be prepared. As usually necessary are OTC pain pills are, be careful. Check with your school administration before packing them, to avoid falling victim to a zero tolerance policy. Emergency cash and change In case of emergencies, you should carry a bit of cash and change. The cash will come in handy if you have to hang out a diner for a little bit while waiting for someone to pick you up. The change is equally important if you need to make a phone call and your cell isn’t working. The need for emergency cash is much the same as the need for feminine products: your care will break down and your phone will stop working at the worst possible time. If you’re attending an after party, you should contact a local cab company and ask for the price from that location to your house. Bring enough cash to cover fare and a tip, just in case a cab turns out to be your only option. A few odds and ends Don’t forget to bring an ID, your cell phone, chap stick, an extremely small bottle of facial moisturizer, a wrapped facial cleansing towel, a small comb and a few hair bands. These are things that you need, but can’t really pack ahead of time. It may also be a good idea to bring a jewelry pouch (or a small zip-top baggie) in case your jewelry gets annoying. Do not bring your make up. If you absolutely must, you can pack lipstick. Anything else will just weigh you down and make your purse a disaster area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: