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Recipes Singaporean Singapore is a country that is the perfect place to host business meetings as well as casual get-togethers. This is mainly because of the wide variety of food and beverage options available in the country. Most of the meetings and get-togethers often start or end with a meal and drinks session. Singaporean cuisine is, understandably, one of the most .mon food options available in Singapore bars. Drunken prawn, pig fallopian tubes, fish head curry, shrimp roast, and shrimp paste chicken are the most .mon dishes that can be ordered at bars serving Singaporean cuisine. Chinese When you travel around Singapore, you will .e across plenty of Chinese eateries. In fact, it might even outnumber the restaurants selling local cuisine. Majority of the bars in the country, serve Chinese cuisine. This is mainly because of the wide variety of dishes available. Be it vegetarian, egg-based, or meat-based delicacies, Chinese cuisine has plenty of dishes to offer. If you want to go on a business lunch in Singapore or celebrate some joyous moments with your close friends, bars in the country serving Chinese cuisine would be the perfect choice. Malay Since Malaysia is a country that shares the border with Singapore, there are quite a lot of bars in the country that serve traditional Malay dishes. Salad dishes like Acar and Pasembur would be perfect choices when you order a glass of vodka at one of the whisky bars in Singapore. Fish ball and Lemang would be the perfect dishes to order if you enjoy spicy delicacies. Thai Some of the elegant bars in the country located in the outskirts of the city serve Thai dishes along with some fabulous drinks. Most of these are spicy fried dishes and the crispiness of it makes it the perfect choice when you order whisky or tequila shots at the bars. Roast duck, crispy pork, spicy chicken delicacies would be great food options to try out when you visit bars serving Thai cuisine in the country. Mexican The hottest dishes served made with very little spices are what make Mexican cuisine different from other variants. There are many bars in the country that fly in chefs from Mexico to serve traditional cuisine to the customers. Mexican cuisine has a huge fan following in the country and the main course dishes served along with the drinks are also extremely delectable. Indian There are quite a lot of Indians living in Singapore and the bars in the country serve Indian cuisine too. Indian cuisine is again famous for its spicy flavors and the traditional culinary methods used by the chefs at the elegant bars in the country attracts quite a lot of people to this variant of cuisine while ordering alcoholic beverages. The chicken dishes cooked in authentic Indian style are hot favorites at the bars in Singapore. Spanish The travelers visiting Singapore from western countries generally prefer dishes that are less spicy along with their favorite drinks. Since quite a lot of westerners visit the island nation on a regular basis, you will get to order Spanish and other western variants of cuisines too at the bars in the country. The suckling pig dish is one of the most popular Spanish dishes that should not be missed out when you visit a bar in Singapore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: