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Business There is no getting away from the fact that despite the ubiquitous presence of air conditioners in practically every household, ceiling fans are still indispensable. This has be.e even more obvious with global climatic changes which are leading to extreme temperatures wherein hitherto cooler places are also be.ing warmer. And if you thought that the ceiling fans meant the old fashioned variety only, you are very much mistaken. Nowadays, ceiling fans, whether they be outdoor ceiling fans or for the interior .e in such a variety of stylish designs that the choice can get confusing. For instance, Fanimation fans .e in unique styles designed to replicate the tropical feel with leaf-like blades and a wonderfully unique system of cool air circulation. However, one should not go in for looks alone and before buying and installing a ceiling fan it is prudent to follow certain guidelines. The placement of the ceiling fan is very critical as it will determine the flow of air in the room. The shape of the room and the kind of ceiling in the room plays a very important role in determining the placement of the ceiling fan. For example, a rectangular room will benefit from having two ceiling fans as enough air will then get circulated. A vaulted ceiling will require a centre ceiling fan or one on either side of the room. It is better to get the placement sorted out before the wiring is done and in conjunction with light fixtures etc. to avoid messy installations later. For rooms with high ceilings, fans with long blades work the best as they ensure adequate flow of air. Fans which have four or more blades are suitable for high-ceilinged and large rooms. You must also ensure that the fans .e with a long rod so that they are low enough to circulate air properly despite the high ceiling. Ideally, the fan should be suspended at a height of eight or ten feet from the floor. When out to purchase the fan it is helpful if the high ceiling is mentioned to the salespeople as then the right models can be shown to you. Nowadays, ceiling fans or paddle fans can be got in myriad colours to match your interiors. Metallic shades like silver, gold, bronze or steel go well with opulent interiors or textured wall spaces. Brightly coloured and patterned fans add a fun element in childrens rooms. There also certain models of fans available which .e with decorative or functional lights around or over the rim. While buying fans it is better to go in for reputed brands like Fanimation as they ensure durability and functionality along with good looks. Ceiling fans if chosen well cease to be merely functional objects and can add a lot to the dcor of the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: