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Wei Planning Commission: the recent introduction of project in Shanghai and other places on traffickers – Sohu news Beijing, February 24,   according to the national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director of medical affairs authority Jiao Yahui said traffickers problems at a press conference today, the National Planning Commission will work with relevant departments to crack down, dealers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou high-quality medical resources concentrated place. Jiao Yahui pointed out that the problem of traffickers is on the surface of these dealers in reselling registered resources, from a deeper point of view, in fact, it is a good supply of resources and fair supply issues. If we want to solve this problem, we should adopt the measures of combining the symptoms with the treatment and combining the length and the length. First of all, we should crack down on the phenomenon of traffickers. Recently, the National Health Planning Commission will take severe punishment with relevant departments, and introduce a plan to take measures to crack down on traffickers in such places as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou where the high quality medical resources are concentrated. Secondly, we should strengthen the internal management of the hospital. Strengthening the internal management of the hospital is to solve the problem of how to solve the problem of medical resources supply and service mode transformation. Beijing, as recently proposed eight measures, is a very good one to solve the problem of medical resources supply. In fact, it also has some deep-seated reform measures on the inside, such as the registration team of experts, such as Beijing Tongren Hospital, Xuanwu hospital, Tiantan, the mouth, they no longer direct registration of foreign experts, this invisible traffickers to fall, to fundamentally eliminate, because the main down or the number of experts. Again, to further deepen the reform of the medical and health system, one is to increase the quality of health care resources, on the other hand is to implement hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, so that the quality of medical resources to sink, let the people can get a fair and health service at home. In addition, we should continue to vigorously implement the service mode of appointment referral. "Some media ask, why is there no dealer in foreign countries?" Jiao Yahui said that there is no dealer in foreign countries, because there is an effective appointment referral. The country is now gradually increasing the quality of three hospitals, resources to the community open proportion, the people through the first visit in the community, need referral, and then through community doctors, family doctors to appointment, priority visit. At the same time, the establishment of referral system within the system, including the establishment of the hospital within the expert team referral system within the hospital, as well as referral appointment referral system. Through this reform, through the transformation of service mode, fundamentally solve the problem of traffickers. 卫计委:近期将出台方案在京沪等地严打号贩子-搜狐新闻中新网2月24日电  国家卫生计生委医政医管局副局长焦雅辉今日在新闻发布会回答号贩子问题时表示,近期国家卫计委将会同相关部门,在北京、上海、广州等优质医疗资源集中的地方严厉打击号贩子。  焦雅辉指出,号贩子的问题表面上看是这些号贩子在倒卖挂号的资源,从深层次上来看,其实它是一个优质资源的供应和公平供给的问题。要把这个问题解决掉,也要采取标本兼治、长短结合的措施。  首先,要严厉打击号贩子的现象。近期国家卫计委将会同相关部门采取严打,出台一个方案在北京、上海、广州这样优质医疗资源集中的地方,采取措施严厉打击号贩子。  其次,要加强医院内部的管理。加强医院内部的管理,就是要医院如何来解决医疗资源供应,服务模式的转变的问题。像北京最近提出来八项措施,是非常好的一个来解决医疗资源供应的问题。其实它深层次也有改革的一些措施在里面,比如专家团队的挂号,像北京同仁医院、宣武医院、天坛、北医口腔,他们的专家不再直接的对外挂号,这就无形当中把号贩子要倒号从根本上消除,因为主要倒的还是专家的号。  再次,进一步深化医药卫生体制改革,一方面是要增加优质医疗资源的供给,另一方面是大力推行分级诊疗,使得优质医疗资源能够下沉,让人民群众在家门口就能够得到公平可及的医疗卫生服务。此外,还要继续大力推行预约转诊的服务模式。  “有一些媒体问,为什么国外没有号贩子?”焦雅辉表示,国外没有号贩子,就是因为存在有效的预约转诊。国家现在逐步要加大三级医院优质的资源、号源向社区开放比例,老百姓通过先在社区就诊,需要转诊的话再通过社区医生、家庭医生来预约、优先就诊。同时建立体系内转诊的制度,也包括在医院内专家团队建立医院内体系内的转诊,还有诊间预约转诊的制度。通过这种改革、通过服务模式的转变,从根本上来解决号贩子存在的问题。相关的主题文章: