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Marriage-Wedding There really arent written rules for creating the best wedding photography/wedding video, but the experience of the wedding videographer/photographer, the grooms and their motivation and most importantly the collaboration between both sides is crucial. And I am putting a stress on collaboration and cooperation between the grooms and the videographer. I selected my wedding videographer in Sydney expecting my wishes to come true, but at that time it did not cross my mind that the videographer didnt know my wishes. I am saying my because I was very pleased not only with his proven professionalism, but from his personal attitude and mostly from the care and dedication he showed. Therefore he was treated like a family friend. And here comes the collaboration part. Our mutual cooperation made my wishes and the videographers experience were the right way for the perfect wedding photos that came out. Well, there are plenty of ideas wedding photography Sydney based videographers can share and present to you and those cant be all presented in one article. The following ones were not a mine only, but a product of the collaboration between me and Wedding Video Sydney Company Ive engaged for my wedding. Attending many Sydney weddings along these past ten years and paying close attention while looking at many albums of wedding photography Sydney based artists, I realized that grooms happiness at the wedding ceremonial is not the only thing that should be capture, but the preceding ceremony as well and the party feeling afterwards. Here is a list of bride poses that your wedding photographer should suggest and take for a best memory of your wedding day: 1.Bride at her room: Bride dressing the wedding dress with help of her mother, and another wedding photography with the closest female attendants Bride looking out the window, looking into a mirror, looking at her framed childhood pictures Brides profile, portrait, full body shot, 3/4 view, 1/4view head and shoulders. 2.Bride at the house: Bride kissing and hugging her mother (father, grandparents, sister, brother) Portrait of the bride with her mother/father/brother in sitting position, as well as mother and grandmother with the bride together. 3.Bride leaving the house: Last brides moments in the parents house; bride accepting the fathers kiss at her forehead; bride sadness while her mother stroking her cheek; brother hugging the bride and lifting her up Bride outside the house; walking and looking her parents (family) waiving to her; bride getting in the wedding car. Above suggested poses cover the time while the bride is preparing for the big wedding ceremony at her home. I will about the next most recommended poses in the articles to come. All this poses can be applied to the groom as well, but the bride is the princess of this day and synonym for a wedding. So my final advice is read these and other wedding photography articles and decide on your most wanted poses to remember your wedding day. But never forget to collaborate with your Wedding Photographer Sydney. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: