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WeChat small program open beta, which is a quick start guide – Sohu technology the evening of November 3rd, WeChat announced the WeChat platform made public figure: small program officially open beta. This concern for developers and manufacturers of small procedures, is an exciting news: this means that WeChat is no longer a small program 200 beta "privilege", all enterprises and organizations have gained admission in direct contact with WeChat small program. And in this small program WeChat beta wave, the fastest response to the enterprises and organizations will likely gain to WeChat’s first dividend program. If you quickly seize the initiative? We have a quick start guide for anyone who cares about small programs. 1 three minutes to understand the WeChat applet WeChat applet is what? What will happen to developers, vendors and users in the future? We provide a multi-faceted interpretation of the WeChat small program, even if you know nothing about the small program, but also can quickly find their own position in the wave of small programs and ways to deal with. In addition, we also provide a small program WeChat registered tutorial, three minutes you will be able to quickly register their own WeChat applet. Concerned about the process of awareness (micro signal zxcx0101), click on the menu bar on the information point of view, access to the most comprehensive small program quick registration tutorial. 2 quick interpretation of the official document to read the small program to save time to read the official document! We condensed 2 "detailed" official documents into 2 "simplified" articles. You only need to spend 1/3 of the time, you will be able to know the essence of WeChat small program documentation and design guidelines. Concerned about the procedures (micro signal zxcx0101), reply to the interpretation, access to official documents to interpret the article. 3 quick start small procedures for the development of WeChat small program using a "special" language, how to quickly get started? We will provide a complete WeChat applet development case to achieve the whole process, to teach you from scratch to have their own development of small WeChat program. 4 WeChat small program development book in addition to the complete WeChat small program development case, we also for the common application requirements, provides the first small program to guide the development of WeChat, including WeChat paid access, zoom gesture. We will continue to update the technical guidelines for the development of more WeChat applets. Attention awareness program (micro signal zxcx0101), reply "development book", the specific development guide for WeChat small program. In order to accurately on the small program, officially launched the "love child norm awareness program", focus on small program ecology, continues to provide a small program on the new information, ideas, development course, combat, and resources, activities and services etc.. Now, click on the menu bar awareness program, you can get to the tutorial and message down down down to the first time to grasp the small program information, develop guidelines? Focus on awareness programs now.相关的主题文章: