We first set a small goal, for example, to calculate 100 million yuan piled on the front is what kin govos

We first set a small goal, for example, to calculate 100 million yuan piled on the front is what kind of technology – Sohu and I guess your circle of friends is this picture is not shuabing…… In fact, Wang Jianlin said, if you want to be the richest man, may wish to set a small target, such as one hundred million……" Well, it doesn’t make any difference. Netizens quickly to kneel, put forward the slogan of "money is not everything, is Wanda" to express their anger. But I want to say, we are optimistic. Not only do you earn less than one hundred million, you haven’t even seen it…… The AI sent questions "in television drama which plot, so as the" professionals "play you for a second? ", this is a bank teller comments — at least one hundred million people met. Often a suitcase full of money, a large truck scene to see in the movies, or millions of cash transactions, tens of millions of bank robbery like plot. As a patriotic law-abiding good (poor) people (B), it is difficult to have an intuitive feeling, so much cash piled together in the end how much? Fortunately, we can use mathematics and computer software to meet our imagination. 10000 yuan fifth sets of 100 Yuan Long 155 mm, width of 77 mm. In order to facilitate the calculation, we assume that the thickness of a note is 0.1 mm (as is the case). 10 thousand yuan this number sounds scary, replaced by a stack of new 100 yuan, but also about 1 cm thick, on the feet is easily ignored. We use Google 3D drawing software SketchUp intuitive to show the size of this: 1000000 yuan, however, is very eye-catching on the $1 million. In order to make $1 million in cash, we need 10000 notes, they can be in accordance with 2× 5× the 1000 way code together, get a length, width and height respectively, 31 cm, 38.5 cm, 10 cm rectangular. On the feet is roughly the proportion, into a bag of 10000000 yuan 10 million yuan more than sufficient volume is 10 times above the cuboid. This requires 100000 notes, we can use 5× 10× put 2000 of the way, which will form a triangular rectangular length is 77.5 cm, 77 cm, 20 cm. Visible, carrying 10 million cash transactions is not impossible. But considering the density of paper, it’s a bit difficult for a person to move up. The reporter visited the plant records, so a little red box, is 2 million yuan, more than 50 pounds in weight. Of course, if true to you, then you might under Dousheng strange force might…… 100000000 yuan notes of $100 million, need 100相关的主题文章: