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Warm radiation can cause leukemia rumors rumor that expert attention to moisturizing the room clean warm radiation can cause leukemia rumors? Chengdu has many households installed floor heating. However, the recent online news release to warm the radiation caused by disease, more rumors to warm the harm to children. Tianfuzaobao reporter yesterday interviewed a number of Department of Hematology doctors, they said never received serious illnesses because warm. Experts said, heat radiation is just a way of heat transfer, not containing chemicals, will not hurt people." Warm reminder: pay attention to clean the opening yesterday, the reporter also interviewed Tianfuzaobao Chengdu Hospital Department of Hematology doctor, said they have never received serious illnesses because warm. However, the doctor reminded the public, in the winter, people engaged in outdoor activities after back to the room, due to thermal effects of geothermal, clothing stained some dust will always suspended in the air, easy to cause pharyngitis, bronchitis and other diseases. So, the doctor advised on heating at the same time, should pay attention to moisture, keep the floor clean and clear dead. Phenomenon: in recent years, installation of floor heating families Chengdu winter cold and humid, but open air conditioning heating is too dry, too much power as early as about 35 years ago, there are some families in Chengdu on the installation of floor heating. With the Chengdu winter temperature is getting cold, warm winter heating mode has become popular in recent years. Warm is on the whole surface of heat sink through the heat medium radiant floor layer, uniform heating of the ground, the ground heat storage and heat up their own laws of radiation, conduction from the bottom, to achieve the purpose of heating. Because save area and space, but also more in line with the needs of human physiological heating from the foot warm, so warm and popular, but also more and more widely used. Yesterday, the reporters came to the mall to warm the sales area, found that as the temperature decreased, many people have come to buy warm. The sales staff said, in recent years, installation of floor heating has become the trend, "the installation of floor heating price is relatively high, before the public to buy an air conditioner will not choose to warm. More and more families but in recent years the installation of floor heating." Survey: some people want to install warm but worried about radiation, however, with the increasing market demand for heating, there are many online rumors about the warm. There are rumors that the heating by radiation heating, this radiation may cause leukemia, cancer, young men’s sperm quality decreased, pregnant women with spontaneous abortion and fetal malformation in children caused by mental defects, affect people’s cardiovascular system, have adverse effects, the visual system in children caused by retarded or amnesia and a series of hazards. In this regard, to the sales staff said, "as long as the winter was approaching, will appear this kind of warm rumours. This is likely to be out of the industry competition, or some public numbers to attract attention to the user." Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Tianfuzaobao the counter to the public, there are 6 people do not believe that the online dissemination of unsubstantiated content. In the service industry Miss Bai said, "if the heating can cause the disease, countries must not allow production and sales! Floor heating has been listed for so many years, did not see what happened." However, there are still 3 people said before heard this rumor, so for the purchase相关的主题文章: