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Want to baby legs look good, you have to do – Sohu mother and child to do what is conducive to the development of the baby leg? Don’t force to straighten the baby "splayleg" is a popular leggings, or some parents see the baby splayleg by not to forcibly straighten. These practices are extremely wrong, and even cause serious consequences. Because the baby splayleg is a normal phenomenon, with the baby’s growth and development, is a natural straight legs. If forcibly straightened could make the baby hip dysplasia and dislocation. For this phenomenon, the baby will not feel pain, to walk will be found, then it will be very troublesome to correct. The baby in swaddling clothes, the method must be under the tight loose folk "candle" to prevent bandy legs are wrong. Because from the point of view of science, because the bandy legs caused by calcium deficiency rickets, as long as the usual multi vitamin AD can prevent, without the need for artificial hard package tied chaos. Correct bad posture baby baby is just learning to sit or climb when used to present W type knee valgus kneeling posture. For a long time, the baby may be deformed legs. Parents can guide the baby sitting, or sitting in a small bench, to prevent this from happening. The baby had better not long time sleep baby pashui, ankle varus or valgus takes shape, for a day more than half of the time in a sleeping baby, might have slight adverse effects, so parents can let the baby lying on the side, or lying supine and prone position alternately, this is more conducive to the baby the growth and development of bone. Baby safety seat is carefully chosen in the selection of baby safety seat, do not choose too narrow, and to choose a little loose, you can let the baby’s legs bend freely. Otherwise it will hurt the baby’s hip joint. The baby can not be arbitrarily selected in the selection of harness straps to the baby, must choose to ensure the baby sit is the frog legs, this is the bottom stress sitting in braces. Otherwise it may cause the baby hip dislocation. Remember not to use the baby walker can not help themselves to stand, it shows that his bone development is not perfect. If the parents forced to let the baby stand or a walker, easy to cause the leg or knee joint deformation. Therefore, the baby walker is best to wait until the baby can hold something up and then use, of course, the best do not use. How to determine the baby’s leg type is X or O? When the baby toes forward, heels together when standing, if two knees touch is O leg. If the two knees close together, the two ankles can not touch, then the X leg. In fact, these two legs with the baby’s growth and development in many cases can be self correcting. So parents need not worry too much. The baby is just learning to walk when conditions permit can let him walk barefoot, walking barefoot on foot because of child development is the best, it can stimulate the plantar nerve development, exercise your baby’s ankle, develop good posture. Want to let the baby have a good leg type, in addition to the usual note相关的主题文章: