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Want a baby to sleep independently, immediately come to see mother like a baby – Sohu battery, the moment of sleep, is probably the batteries when? Some children fall asleep easily, some children like to toss about is not sleep well? In fact, sleep habits can be cultivated, but, how should you do mom and dad? 1 hours before going to bed to keep calm should not play too intense, as adults should not watch TV and mobile phone before going to bed, so that the mood to calm, help the baby to sleep. 2 every night before going to bed children naturally have good order ability, which is why some people say that children know what to put. Tell the children to sleep every night, time to go to the next, pajamas, brushing teeth, read, kiss, hug, and then went to bed. Perform these actions on a daily basis and set up a bedtime ritual. In addition, you can also use the clock to control, as it is said to be 8:45, when the clock went to 9:00, it is necessary to turn off the lights to sleep! 3 the establishment of the child’s physiological clock was originally a fixed time to sleep, but not too late to play too crazy, baby sleep time is disrupted how to do? Let the room lights dim early, the atmosphere becomes calm, let the children know that the time to sleep. 4 to ensure that a comfortable sleep environment will not be too hot, diapers are not wet, the outside will not be too noisy, these are to be considered. 5 before going to bed to eat something small? Eat a little something that is no problem, but must pay attention to brushing, lest the tooth decay is not good! The 6 day is not enough to play when the physical and psychological considerations had found baby or not sleepy, Dad than Mommy should pay attention to when is not the day to play enough? Forced him to play it! 7 doll story lying in bed, can use the child’s favorite doll, performing a small drama to tell the time to sleep! Also to the children to ensure that when the dawn of the mother will come! 8 slowly from don’t put them in the bed to sleep himself, you can slowly away from shaking baby to sleep, just hold only slowly, holding hands, then slowly let go. 9 cried how to do? When new habits are being built, how much will the baby be afraid of losing you? It’s normal to cry. When you have to play a "patience" and he explained, mom and dad on the outside of it, or not. See… Etc., give the baby a sense of comfort, and encouraged him: "you grow up you can sleep right…". The night is the most difficult, you may be asked to shake the baby in his sleep, then you have to tell him your baby grow up to sleep lying down. 10 children do their own sleep, do not forget to encourage the baby to tell you how good! Now I can sleep!" Respond in a positive way, or give a little bonus, let the children know that they are great. Because the night is their sleep, daytime don’t forget a lot of hug children, maintain mutual intimacy. Use step by step.相关的主题文章: