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Wang Meng: continue to fight it! Yi Jianlian is not equal to lose Yi Jianlian cut the Lakers career averaging 3 points and 2.5 rebounds as a regrettable cut punch. The United States on Monday, the Beijing time later today, the Lakers will officially announce the removal of Yi Jianlian. Yi Jianlian will continue to fight! Such an outcome, he did not expect, I did not expect, I guess, you did not expect. Things that do not appear in the plan often give people a sense of discomfort. Especially for the protagonist Yi Jianlian. Just a month before the time, you and I can clearly remember when just arrived in the Lakers, in the face of local media interviews, Yi Jianlian’s ease and confidence. Apparently, he’s ready to stay. It is not easy for a man to get a second chance, and he is looking forward to making good use of every minute of it. In his eyes, you can see the confidence and certainty, to gather together, like a burning flame. If you remember the look in his eyes, you will understand how much the result of this moment to him. You can imagine what will happen next. When a person who should stride forward singing militant songs, and countless flowers, applause from coming from all sides, many people will jump out to praise you, let you think you understand the value of the world really. Can you defeat, will instantly know the world, abnormal fickle around you, heaven in hell. You were good, no longer good. You have not good suddenly became your all. They will open their eyes, loudly, scrambling to expression in a long time ago, when you win in the predicted this moment will come. Because they have extraordinary eyes, already discern your shortcomings and defects, and then he said, those shortcomings will ruin you. These people are really annoying! They are poor. For them, the moment is forever, can not fall again. But the fact is that unless you fall and choose not to rise, you will never lose. This is not chicken soup. This is the truth。 As long as you continue to work hard, this failure of the past has become the necessary accumulation of future success. Failure is not a failure, but a part of success. Each of your past is you, you can not erase. Each of your past is the past, not so important, but it is now because of you. You can climb up, back to life with, as long as you are still fighting, no one can predict the final result. You don’t lose. Before the Lakers cut Yi Jianlian in season, appears to be desperate. Yi Jianlian’s performance did not impress the Lakers, the Lakers did not give enough stage and time to impress other people, Yi Jianlian. And at this moment, every one is thinking about how to cut the scorched by the flames, and not to like hunger and thirst to find people. So, it’s almost impossible for another team to jump out and give Yi Jianlian a chance. The CBA season in less than a week before the start of the players, the registration time has passed, unless the league office door, teshiteban to Yi Jianlian green, otherwise in accordance with the rules of this season and even Yi Jianlian can not play CBA. For the next season, Yi Jianlian may have no ball. For a professional player, it’s not just about making money.相关的主题文章: