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The school eight ": seniors live show   can be customized roommate education August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Xiong Xu Li Yihuan) the new year comes, the national universities to enter the new season. In order to play the freshmen in the first movement, the University "tricks", "new" tricks, a new way of network broadcast, red VR, WeChat and APP all use. Next, Xiao Bian will together with you this year inventory of eight most universities welcome". The most eye-catching — "Red Net" live campus theme BLCU foreign student art troupe to perform traditional dances "regalia", attract new students and their parents to watch the Beijing aerospace materials college this year launched our webcast, at the invitation of counselors, leaving aesthetics PA, excellent senior, for the new "live" Academic Counseling, go abroad study plan, professional associations, the report notes, student loans, students in 13 subjects. It is reported that the effect of live broadcast is also good, with an average of more than 200 people watch, the fire of a attracted more than and 300 people. College of materials, Northern League Secretary Xiao Jie said in an interview, which can help students familiar with the University as soon as possible, planning four years of study and life. The new model — VR panoramic navigation tour following the hand drawn map, Renmin University of China using VR (virtual reality) technology to launch an online tour of the campus "panoramic NPC, students through the PC and the client can be a 360 degree viewing campus. This year to allow students to better understand the campus, Zhengzhou University also opened VR aerial panorama mode, realizing the dynamic navigation map view, high-altitude overlooking Zheng Street campus, a destination can be. The interaction between the WeChat community — no "micro" not to the Beijing Language and Culture University before the small United Nations "new panels Capital Normal University school to build a 276 class group, group discussion activity. In addition, the production of new wish wall, released in WeChat. Students can be posted through the network a satisfactory student card photos, and in previous years, most of them are used for high school photo. China Agricultural University a number of more than a hundred of the WeChat group, by upperclassmen and departments for the new teacher online Q & A. At the same time, for the introduction of "Nongda in WeChat public number to the new" series of articles from nearly 20, why choose to use agricultural university freshmen enrollment system, to relocate, traffic guide, scholarships and other new topic. Xi’an Jiaotong University freshman Zhang Dawei school before school established by the WeChat group to know a lot of students, he said "not in the door, the first turnover of adults, Jiaotong University gave us the same feeling." The most comprehensive administrative micro-blog — to provide a full range of services information this year is the celebration of the 120 anniversary of Beijing Jiaotong University, in order to let students know this in advance bainianlaojiao, Jiaotong University in administrative micro-blog using dynamic graph to show the new students campus aerial scenery. In addition, many universities also make full use of administrative micro-blog production platform, launched the new book, including campus information, bus schedule, report notes, tips, fangpian clubs introduction situation. The fastest – Digital simplified reporting process Nanjing University freshmen report from the scene of the Chongqing Super Computer Department of Xi’an Jiao Tong University is a new student, after registration and he相关的主题文章: