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The American College of attack caused more than 10 deaths – Beijing students jumped to escape the Afghan capital Kabul on the evening of 24 American universities in Afghanistan by militants, has resulted in 12 deaths, more than and 40 people were injured, some seriously. Afghan police said the security forces exchanged fire with the attackers, killing 2 militants, the rescue of hundreds of trapped teachers and students. No organization claimed the attack. There are students jumping off the Afghan security forces sources said the attackers detonated a car bomb outside the University, then broke into the school shot. There were hundreds of teachers and students. A student who requested anonymity told the CNN (CNN) that he was in class, when he heard a "loud bang", which occurred about 50 meters away from his classroom. "We began to scatter and escape," he said, "there is an emergency exit in a corner of the campus, everyone to run there." Escape on the way, he heard gunshots from the gate and came to the second explosion, saw some people injured by broken glass and bullet. Some students are trapped in the classroom building, they use desks and chairs to block the door, the use of mobile phones and social media to the outside world for help. Some people jump to escape. "Many students jumped from two, some people broke his leg, some people hurt," escape when a sprained ankle student Abdullah said his law?. Another student, Ahmad? Mokhtar said: "I and some other classmates went to school in the emergency exit, jumped out of the wall." Reuters quoted 25 Afghan police spokesman Fredo? Khamis then reported that 12 people were killed, including 7 students, 3 policemen and two security guards; another 44 people were injured, 35 of them are students, some of them seriously. The attackers prepared police said that after the attack, Afghan security forces and police and the attackers started fighting, scored school clean-up and investigation. After about 10 hours of siege, the police announced the end of the action on the morning of 25, killing the attackers, rescued about 500 students in. A local reporter Bilal? Savoy told the CNN that one of his relatives was in the campus, saw the attackers threw grenades, look at the map, a long time to Red Bull, apparently recalcitrant to." No organization claimed the attack. This is the second time this year, the United States suffered a vicious incident. August 7th, two foreign teachers from Australia and the United States were abducted by gunmen near the school, so far unaccounted for. Since this summer, Taliban, Islamic state branch and other extremist groups in Afghanistan has been the continuous manufacture of multiple bombings. The U.S. – Afghan University elite private schools, a symbol of the American College of beauty cooperation in Afghanistan is located in the west of Kabul to the parliament building Dahl Oman road. This non-profit private university was founded in 2006, the main source of funds and teachers from overseas, there are about 1700 students. According to the State Department, the university is one of the important symbols of cooperation between the United States and Afghanistan相关的主题文章: