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The United Nations Development Programme and the Phoenix reached a strategic partnership with Agi Veres Margaret Wen Jie and Mr. Liu Changle talks on the afternoon of November 7, 2016, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Agi Veres the country director Margaret Jie, chief press officer Zhang Wei, sustainable development project officer Wang Yalin in Beijing Phoenix media center, on the problem of China enterprises overseas sustainable development, with the president, the board of directors of Phoenix CEO Liu Changle JP, Phoenix executive vice president He Daguang held talks. Mr. Liu Changle thanked the United Nations Development Program for its efforts in China, and is confident that it will achieve the goal of sustainable development. Agi Veres Wen Jie and Margaret vice president He Daguang signed in common witness cooperation partners, Agi Veres Margaret Ms. Jie and Mr. He Daguang signed a strategic partnership with the media for a period of three years. The two sides will from two aspects to carry out cooperation center in Phoenix visited overseas Chinese enterprise sustainable development, the United Nations development programme that the sustainable development of overseas enterprises Chinese is now the focus of the whole world. China enterprise huge worldwide investment, not only shows the Chinese government in the future direction of the economy planning, also showed China become the world’s second largest economy, the whole society Chinese from enterprises, non-governmental organizations, government think-tank on many aspects of their own development, and these lessons summary not only for South South cooperation is of great significance, but also have a significant impact on the sustainable development of overseas developed economies in the world. Soft power Chinese in overseas show from "empty talk" stage into the positive response from the reality of the stage, Chinese proposed by the government to do the "responsible" country strategy is through the capital to go "," The Belt and Road, and "NGO" going out "strategy for the implementation of. On the one hand, the foreign investment behavior reflects the national policy, on the other hand, it also promotes the integration of government policy and internationalization. The role of Chinese enterprises in the South South cooperation is becoming more and more obvious, and the development strategy of China is different from that of the developed countries. The United Nations Development Programme China office with the research center of the SASAC and the Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute officially launched overseas China enterprise sustainable development platform for a period of three years from May 2016. The role and the professional level of the United Nations Development Programme is very valued "longxingtianxia" column in the case collection and development of advocacy, therefore invited "longxingtianxia" columns become the platform exclusive media strategic partners. The two sides to determine the co production of "overseas sustainable development in 2016 China corporate annual report", by "longxingtianxia" video program. The two sides will jointly host the sustainable development of China overseas Roundtable, the annual forum, "longxingtianxia" to assist UNDP to collect first-hand case, together with UNDP to establish Chinese enterprises overseas sustainable development of the excellent case base, excellent enterprise of outstanding cases both invite to join the "annual report". UNDP officials affirmed Phoenix innovation Agi.相关的主题文章: