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Spirituality Perhaps considered one of the most frightening cards in the Tarot deck, the actual interpretation of The Devil card is by no means literal. It does not represent the fallen Angel nor does it mean your life is being influenced by negative forces. The Devil tarot card represents the next step in the seekers journey. It is the phase in development where one must tap into the darker elements of the collective unconscious to further grasp one"s concept of humanity as a whole. At this stage in development, one is no longer confined to the reality of his ego. He can now go much deeper and make contact with the creative forces of his unconscious. He is ready to explore the primitive psyche of humanity. In essence, the seeker must face a new challenge. In a tarot reading, the Devil encourages us to resist the power of our primitive natures. This is a process where one must .e to terms with the negative side of mankind. It is the side of us that can be violent, cruel and power hungry. With this awareness, one can deepen his experience in his journey. He has the capacity to develop deeper .passion and forgiveness for the darkness and misery we are capable of inflicting on to others. At the same time, this can be translated to one"s personal journey. One can forgive oneself for behaviors and actions that have caused harm. The Devil can initiate the acceptance of self and others as they are in their entirety. In a tarot reading, the goal of The Devil card is to encourage us to rise to the occasion, to find the parts of our selves that are capable of giving back to the world as we know it. The assignment in this part of the journey is to assimilate the darker yearnings of our natures, and at the same time, not be consumed by them. These yearnings must, ultimately, be channeled into an energy that focuses on improving the world. The Devil teaches us that all elements of the collective unconscious must be accepted and appreciated. We all have deep yearnings that may seem dark and unproductive. The important thing to remember is that we do not have to be.e a slave to them. Our instinctual powers are a part of life, but we certainly do not want to be chained by them. Ultimately, we must move beyond their binds by giving back to humanity as a whole. The negative aspect to the Devil card is when the seeker be.es too attached to the dark forces of the primitive psyche. Often, great power .es from the darker side of our natures. Unfortunately, this power can lead to extreme self-centeredness, where one perceives the world as a means to an end. Upright Devil Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading When the Devil appears in an upright position in a tarot reading, typically, there is the need to stop thinking of yourself and start thinking what you can do for others. You may feel imprisoned by your own ambitions and motivations. These are things that you feel that you must have in order for your to feel content and whole. Often, the Devil card reveals that we are too attached to material goods, relationships that aren"t working, drugs or alcohol, or our financial positions. Perhaps your fears are binding you to situations that make you unhappy. In terms of relationship readings, the Devil suggests that you may need to take a good look at your relationships. Your attachments to others may be harmful or unhealthy. Are you staying in a relationship out of fear? Does your partner control you? Do you feel you need to leave your relationship, but can"t? When the Devil card .es up in a tarot spread it may suggest that you are using your power in a negative way. You may need to review how you have been interacting with others. Are you being manipulative or threatening? On another level, the Devil card refers to the prisons we make for ourselves. Perhaps your fear is enslaving you. Often, when we are in extreme fear, we simply can not move forward. We may be chained to our pasts. This can also be said for old wounds of the past. The tarot card meanings of the Devil Card urge you to confront the darker parts of yourself. This is a good time to explore your fears, limitations, and unhealthy attachments. It also suggests ones need to explore past trauma that has bound them to their own pain. * Temptation * Self-indulgence * Restrictions or bondage * Co-dependency * Facing your demons * Feeling confined or stuck in a situation Reversed Devil Tarot Card Meanings In A Tarot Reading There are two aspects to the Devil card reversed; one positive the other negative. A positive feature of the Devil reversed indicates that you may have or our now willing to free yourself from the restraints you have imposed upon yourself. You are no longer controlled by your darker impulses. Perhaps you are ready to emancipate yourself from an oppressive situation. Money may not have the same hold on you as it use to and you can enjoy other aspects of your life. In terms of relationships, you now are ready to break from relationships that are harmful or toxic. In a tarot reading, the Devil reversed can indicate liberation and freedom from old ideas and perceptions. The negative aspect to the Devil reversed reveals that there may be too much of an attachment to material possessions. One of the Devil cards tarot meanings is total and utter greed. Perhaps you have been obsessing on your financial security. Your self-centeredness may be giving you a false sense of power. It could also be possible that someone is attempting to manipulate, threaten or control you. You may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression. You must get willing to face your issues. You may feel useless and caged in by a situation that has no future. In terms of relationships, the Devil warns of lustful behavior. You or your partner may be acting out in unhealthy sexual behaviors. Your sexual hunger can get you into trouble. Infidelity can be.e an issue. * Confronting your fears * Freedom from bondage * Rigidity * Abuse of one"s position * Being overly ambitious About the Author: 相关的主题文章: