Typhoon Meranti effect of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces and more than two appear in new network stor chompoo araya

Typhoon "Meranti" effect of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces and more than two heavy rains – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 14th news (Fujian Taiwan Gao Rong Chen Xueling Zhejiang station reporter Chen Zhengbei) according to the China voice of "news" reported that although "Meranti" had not landed, but it is already menacing in Fujian, Zhejiang two province affected, more heavy rains. By fourteenth this year, super typhoon "Meranti" impact on the eastern coast of Zhejiang wind gradually increased, rainfall is also increasing, in some areas there have been heavy rain. Zhejiang is located in the east coast of Beilun has sustained rainfall in more than and 10 hours, many roads appear serious water, planted with trees on the road leaves were blown to passers-by, difficult to walk in the rain. Some people said: "the rain is a bit large, but for a long time, I live together with my colleagues to work together because the electric car ride, now the rain is sideways, unstoppable." There are also some people said: "it’s too much rain outside, outside the umbrella shoes and pants are still wet, and the ground is slippery." With the "Meranti" gradually strengthened as a super typhoon level, but also to Fujian to bring the impact of severe storms. These two days, Fujian and more heavy rains, many local soil moisture content is high, the typhoon will bring heavy rains, local heavy rainfall, rainfall of 100 to 250 mm, the local up to 350 to 450 mm, can easily lead to flash floods and geological disasters and urban waterlogging, nine Longjiang, Tingjiang River Basin flood may occur. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory director Zhang Changan said: "the rain is very large, hour rainfall can be more than 120 mm, the cumulative rainfall is very large, this will result in some low-lying areas including city waterlogging, and geological disasters in mountainous areas, and the outbreak of mountain torrents."相关的主题文章: