Turkey defense minister denies sending troops into Syria said no such plans – Sohu news-k9084

Turkey defense minister denies sending troops into Syria said no such plans – Sohu news in new network on 15 February,   according to foreign media reported on 15, Turkey’s defense minister Yilmaz denied the Turkey soldiers have entered the Syria news, said the government of Turkey does not consider sending troops to Syria. The government of Syria has said that soldiers in Turkey Saturday aboard 12 trucks carrying heavy machine guns into Syria 100 gunmen. The task is to provide supplies to the rebels in Syria. "This is not true…… (the government) does not consider Turkey soldiers into Syria, "Yilmaz told a parliamentary committee in Turkey said. Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, Syria relations worsening. The government of Turkey asked Syrian President Bashar to step down, the Syrian government and opposition armed extremist groups accused the government of Turkey to support the Syrian territory. Previously, Turkey was shelling on the territory of Syria. The Ministry of foreign affairs of Syria local 14, sent a letter to the United Nations, Turkey strongly condemned the shelling of the territory of Syria. Turkey’s prime minister, said on the same day, will continue to fight against aggression in the border area. 土耳其防长否认派兵进入叙利亚 称没有此类计划-搜狐新闻  中新网2月15日电  据外媒报道15日报道,土耳其国防部长伊尔马兹否认有关部分土耳其士兵已经进入叙利亚的消息,称土耳其政府并不考虑向叙利亚派兵。  叙利亚政府曾表示,认为周六乘坐12辆皮卡携带重机枪进入叙利亚的100名持枪者中有土耳其士兵,任务是向叙利亚反对派提供补给。  “这不是真的……(土政府)并不考虑土耳其士兵进入叙利亚,”伊尔马兹对土耳其议会一个委员会说道。  自叙利亚危机爆发以来,叙土关系日趋恶化。土耳其政府要求叙总统巴沙尔下台,叙政府则指责土耳其政府支持叙境内的极端组织和反对派武装。  此前,土耳其对叙利亚境内进行了炮击。叙利亚外交部当地时间14日致信联合国,强烈谴责土耳其炮击叙利亚领土。土耳其总理同日表示,将继续反击在土叙边境地区的挑衅行为。相关的主题文章: