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UnCategorized As the industry of processed food and beverages grows, there is an increasing demand for flexible and supple packaging material. Today, each and every food item is readily available in the packed form, but perishable food items have stringent requirements. This requires flexible and reliable wrapping solutions. This need can be resolved by finding innovative packaging solutions. The answer to this has .e in the form of the wax packaging. It has gained acceptance as a better choice in the present scenario because of the reliability and strength it provides to withstand the strict standards of the industry and this has been approved by the FDA. Wax based packaging is extremely useful for food and perishable products. It has been proved that applying wax on the covering material increases it strength up by three times. Today, the time has .e when we have to think of our environment before anything else, and are expected to contribute in protecting the environment. So we have to look for eco-friendly materials and replace the more rigid ones being used. For the packaging industry, this is the most challenging task, as they have to meet the strict standards as far as packaging is concerned with the additional pressure of going green. The demand for using paper as the packaging material is gaining importance. It is ideally suited for packaging in terms of flexibility and ability to mould into the desired shape and size, but it lacks in the field of strength. The solution to this problem has arrived in the form of wax paper packets. This is a .bination of paper and wax. As both wax and paper are eco-friendly, this product scores on the eco-friendly front as well. The use of wax takes care of the problem of strength of the paper, and at the same time, flexibility is maintained. This is therefore a winning .bination when it .es to innovative packaging methods. One more reason for the use of the wax packaging material in the packaging industry is its user- friendly properties. Papers applied with wax are perfect for packaging purposes, as folds can be made easily. The materials applied with wax are superior because they resist cracking and retain odour, which is essential in case of packaging of foodstuff. Wax products qualify for the expected change from the plastic based materials to the eco-friendly products, in our quest of finding innovative packaging solutions. This will be the new generation of packaging materials based on wax, and waxed paper is the first one of the series. These products .e in variety of types and can fulfil the packaging requirements of virtually any kind of food items, whether it is poultry products or bakery. These are specially designed for such purposes and have been declared safe as a food-packaging product. This is the type of wel.e solution that can be used now and also in future. It meets our requirements of eco-friendly materials, and at the same time fulfils all the traits that are needed in a packaging material. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: