Try To Manage The Model Factory-dress Up Games For

Games Do you have the dream to be a model?! That you can stand on the stadge,and show your pretty and fashion clothes and dresses,now you can achieve it,whats more,you can help others to be model do your best to make all of the girls be the model.believe you can achieve it,so just .e on! This new stype of dress up games for girls is called Model Dream this game,you should know that you are running the model agency called Dream Model factory,and your job is to make everyone of your customers a super model,so just help your clients with there facial makeup,and also hair makeup and as well as dressup. Let us have a look,the goal is 300,if you achieve this goal,you will pass the game,so you can start and make a super model,be attention to the time too,you should know that you should do this as soon as possible. Firstly,you can see the custome are there waiting for you ,so you should frist makeup for her,just use your mouse and drag her to the chair,and makeup for her,another tip is that you should choose the style that can make her smile,and do this as soon as possible,and get the score after you finished one of them. If you have get the score of 300,you will pass the dress up games for girls,and there will be show good job,whats a pity,if you havent get the score,there will be a show of bad job,so do your best and get the score of 300. Is it fun?!i like playing this kind of dress up games for girls,that I can get the score and pass the game,how it will be in the end,it depend on yourself. Have fun from this kind of dress up games for girls,enjoy it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: