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The most beautiful tribute to " " rural teachers: the poor land sown future and hope – public – original title: a tribute to " the most beautiful rural teachers: " in the barren land sown future and hope of the Xinhua News Agency Beijing September 11th new media news title: sowing in the barren land and the future hope — tribute "most beautiful" rural teachers "China Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Yu Wei Mengjia in the network in the Midwest poverty village, in the absence of heavy traffic edifice where a group of people, with youth and enthusiasm piled up with three feet of the podium, with the light of teachers of the village children future road. They have a common name – rural special post teachers. 2016 is the 10 anniversary of the implementation of the ad hoc program of school teachers in rural compulsory education. In 10 years, the "special post plan" to recruit a total of nearly 600 thousand teachers, to more than 1 thousand counties in central and western regions, improve the National more than 30 thousand remote villages in the school of education. On the eve of the thirty-second teachers’ day, the Ministry of education "seeding the future and hope of rural special post teachers report tour group into the Beijing Normal University, rural teachers the most beautiful, with their own personal experience, to the students on a special lesson. Every child is my family "Xinjiang Akesu area west of Keping county is a picturesque place, the undulating, the sky was wide, 25 grams are wood and wood? Dan was born here. G is wood who has a Uygur girl’s temperament, deep eye socket, high nose, fluent mandarin. She said, in his junior high school before, only dream is to leave home, look at the outside of the mountains and the desert in the world. 2005, 15 years old, she was admitted to the Songgang high school in Shenzhen, mainland Xinjiang high school. During the study, the class teacher teacher Zhou took great care of her, she decided, must do a week like teacher always gives people a warm. 2012 graduated from the University, she gave up the city jobs back to the Keping County, became the home of a teacher. Since then, the school is my home, every child is my family." She said. Among her many students, there was a boy named. Because parents are farmers, and their interest in learning Maier Dan is not. In order to light up his dream and inspire him to work hard, he often chats with him. "I told him the story of my college life, and told him that there were buildings higher than the mountains, more cars than the sheep, beautiful campuses and modern factories. So you must study hard, in order to keep up with the pace of the times." In Croatia wood constant encouragement, Maier Dan last year successfully admitted to mainland high school class of Xinjiang. He said in a letter to the wood also said: "teacher, thank you, you are my sister." 7 children from 2013 Changchun normal university teacher Yang Rui, never forget to Nong’an County of Jilin Province in the high school farm scene wa. "That year 8)相关的主题文章: