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The tour guide system is ready, it is worth trying, the Travel Channel original title: the guide system is ready, the National Tourism Administration, it is worth trying before the release of "on deepening reform to strengthen the construction of tour guide team views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), formally issued a document in the form of official opened the tour guide reform curtain. Words such as "opinions", the reason for the reform, is to meet the emerging era of mass tourism, is to solve the system obstacle, structural contradictions, policy barriers, closed-end management, is to follow the law, tourism development conform to the open market, integrated industry requirements, establish the rule of law, the market of tour guide management system construction, facilitation, diversification and standardization of the system construction practice guides, honesty, dedication, positive, be enthusiastic and press on the tour. Read the file, we can see that the reform of the scope and intensity of the large, deep level: the reform of the registration system, access to training reform practice guides system, perfect the practice of security system, improve things in the post regulatory system, establish a sound guide associations, guide innovation incentive mechanism…… As the reform moves Paodingjieniu, such as xiaolifeidao, misses the mark; the knife with blood. So the question is, in the face of reform such as "the power" in general, are you ready? This "you" is the owner of this article. Tour guides are ready first, both tour guides, tourists, travel agencies, pilot platform, industry organizations, regulatory agencies at all levels, must be carefully about the content of the reform, the reform of understanding intention, understand the methods and steps of the reform. Not just a smattering of speculation and discussion or interpret out of context. Second, we must look at all of you, me, he, whether from their own, ready to do. These preparations, laws and regulations, industry management departments to adjust the supporting mechanism construction, reverse of the previous practice, guide service consciousness, innovation of travel agency management mode, the development and application of a new technology platform pilot enterprises; tourists also have to adapt to the new tour guide service in the form of psychological preparation. Since it is a tour guide system reform, the tour guide is ready? This is the first problem. The 800 thousand tour guide army, 600 thousand people did not sign labor contract with the travel agency, in fact the freedom to practice, there were many tour guides call to clear the free tour guide occupation identity, said the Dragon love every day now, the dragon has really come, tour guides have been prepared? Like the dragon, will become a terrible wolf. After the call is yegonghaolong vanity, or shout "children joke wolf", or the great adventure of the truth, is going to get the test of practice. Whether the tour guides to good future is signed a labor contract with a travel agency, became the official travel agency staff, with a stable income and a guarantee of five social insurance and one housing fund, accept the travel agency management and appointment? Or do you want to become a freelancer to accept the choice of tourists, into the market competition? Tour guide free practice, for the tour guide to remove the shackles of the travel agency, the free practice of the tour guide lost the chain, in exchange for the service can provide the world; but the outside world is very exciting,相关的主题文章: