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Investing By taking care of the feature all investments are subject to market risks, people have gone crazy for more and more investments. There is a lot said about mutual funds on the business TV and channels, in the newspapers and everywhere. With different kinds of mutual funds available in the markets, people are enjoying their investments. They say some of the best possible investments in markets are available in a country like India. With so many options available for investing, a novice investor may find it a bit confusing as to which mutual fund is the best suited for investing. The fact is all these different kinds of mutual funds offer a perfect platform for the investors to simply pool the cash with a predefined objective of investment. Infact all these different kinds of investments have emerged just to suit the different objectives of investments. Investing in best mutual funds in India is simple if you keep a note of finest 10 of them! 1.Gold Funds- considered to be one of the safest investments, these gold funds are a boon to invest in to. Surely the investments in to Gold Funds are focused with one single asset, the Gold. As per the gold prices in markets the units of gold funds shift accordingly. 2.Opportunities Funds-.pared to other mutual funds, these are a bit different. Opportunities Funds include investment strategies like market timing, events, distress and arbitrage. 3.Close Ended- with a structure based mutual fund like this one, you get a chance to invest as per a specified period of maturity like 5 to 7 years. Investors can exit from these investments by selling back the units. 4.Open Ended- This is one of the .monly practiced mutual fund investments in India wherein the investor can invest or execute in available schemes anytime. There is nothing like an upper limit for the number of shares, investors and funds size. 5.Interval schemes- if you wish to .bine features of open ended and closed ended mutual funds, the interval schemes are a perfect choice. Here the units can easily be traded on stock exchange. 6.Equity mutual funds-these are one of the .mon investments that are classified as per nature wherein the funds structure differs for different schemes. With equity mutual funds you can invest in to mid-cap, small-cap, sector-specific and tax-saving funds. 7.Debt mutual funds- are you willing to invest in to guilt funds, in.e or liquid funds or short term schemes or debt papers? The debt mutual funds are for you! 8.Balance funds- do you wish to invest in to something that .bines equity and a debt? Go ahead for the balance funds! 9.Growth schemes- also popular by the name equity schemes, the growth schemes aim to offer capital appreciation within a time period. 10.In.e schemes- for availing regular in.e the investors can go ahead to invest in to these in.e schemes. By knowing about all popular mutual funds in India you can invest in to the best ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: