Thought it was cool touch bar have so much function lm3886

Thought it was cool Touch Bar have so much function is the early morning of October 28th Apple released a new MacBook Pro, the biggest bright spot is the debut of Touch Bar, which replaces the physical function of the original key apple notebook, in addition to the use of a touch screen panel, Touch Bar can also make different the application displays a custom interface, then Apple as it gives what function? Calculator will use Touch Bar to display the main arithmetic operations, such as add, subtract, multiply and divide. It is worth mentioning that apple here also uses the theme of the orange color to highlight the main algorithm, in addition to the percentage, decimal points and other shortcut button default appears in Touch Bar. These shortcuts will change with the changes in the calculator mode, when the use of scientific computing mode will show more advanced buttons. Calendar Touch Bar calendar will show the timeline slider, the sliding timeline can jump to a new date. When the user selects an event, Touch Bar will display some shortcuts, such as adding a place for the event, or change the time, etc.. Address book Touch Bar address book application will display the main application window of the current contact card, where you can quickly call or FaceTime, as well as the contact to send iMessage. In addition, Touch Bar will be based on the user to choose a different contact to update the button, for example, you can add a new information for a contact, such as e-mail, birthday, address. In edit mode, note that the "ESC" virtual key will become a blue "Done" (complete). FaceTime when receiving a call from FaceTime, Touch Bar will show a large green "answer" button, and the red "reject" button. Contact names and photos will be displayed on the left. During the call, there is a full screen, the end of the call and mute button for the user to choose. Finder Touch Bar in Finder for users with file view and classification options. Quick Look, share and tab options appear in the middle, click the tag function, Touch Bar will appear a variety of color tag selection, users can add or delete Touch Bar tag. Click on the directory View button will appear a new category options interface; and select a new view mode, the Finder window will appear corresponding changes. The GarageBand GarageBand displays the slider according to the selected instrument in the project. Buttons such as Level, Cutoff, Res, Attack, and Mix will display a percentage indicator at the bottom to show the strength of these effects. IBooks.相关的主题文章: