Third cases of Korean suspects in the explosion of public toilets in Yasukuni guitarpro5

The Yasukuni Shrine toilet bombing suspects were arrested in South Korea third – Beijing, Beijing, February 25, according to Japanese media reports, the November 2015 Tokyo shrine toilet explosion came and found a suspicious case, the Japanese Police Department of Tokyo, the Ministry of public security 25 days this month, in violation of the "fire control law" (drug class import without permission) and "Customs Law" (unauthorized import attempted) suspects arrested third suspects around the Korean Han Chang (27 years old). It is reported that the Japanese prosecutors euzion has been charged with illegal intrusion into buildings. Full euzion. According to the Tokyo police, the euzion said the Yasukuni shrine where war criminals, "Japan did not feel true to South Korea’s protest. Think of the Yasukuni Shrine attack can cause a sensation, attention". The whole euzion also said, had considered making for the Boston marathon terrorist attacks pressure cooker bombs, placing it at the Yasukuni Shrine in the main hall. The Chang vagrancy alleged in November 23, 2015 illegal invasion of the Yasukuni Shrine, detonated filled with gunpowder metal tube failure lavatory ceiling was arrested, has been indicted. He returned to South Korea on the day of the murder, and then again in December in japan. He said: "see news reports, will be seized anyway to make a sensation."

靖国神社公厕爆炸案韩国籍嫌疑人第3次被逮捕-中新网   中新网2月25日电 据日媒报道,有关2015年11月东京靖国神社公厕传出爆炸声并发现可疑物品一案,日本东京警视厅公安部本月25日以违反《火药类管制法》(未经许可进口)及《关税法》(未经许可进口未遂)的嫌疑第3次逮捕了韩国籍嫌疑人全昶汉(27岁)。   据悉,全昶汉已被日本检方以非法侵入建筑物等罪名起诉。 全昶汉。   据东京警方透露,全昶汉供称靖国神社供奉有甲级战犯,“感到日本并未真诚对待韩方的抗议。觉得攻击靖国神社能造成轰动,引起关注”。   全昶汉还表示,曾考虑制作被用于美国波士顿马拉松恐怖袭击案的高压锅炸弹,将其安置在靖国神社正殿内。   全昶汉因涉嫌于2015年11月23日非法侵入靖国神社、引爆装有火药的金属管破坏厕所天花板而被捕,目前已被起诉。他于案发当天回到韩国,之后又于12月再次进入日本。他曾供称:“看到了新闻报道,觉得反正会被抓住就想再制造一次轰动。”相关的主题文章: