Theater version of the assassination of the classroom 365 days time, the new visual map open

Theatre version of "assassination Classroom: 365 days" in November 9th will open new vision figure released movie "the assassination Classroom: 365 days" new visual map open, the show is Zhu and industry 7 years ago after graduating from the old school. Theatre version of "assassination Classroom: 365 days" is broadcast by Zhu Chao Tian animation in before graduation the contents of total articles sets, while also adding the original story in the manga and anime has not appeared, is also a perfect ending works. Known as the history of the most ferocious creatures "super kill teacher" the moon will blow up 70%, and threatened to blow up the earth in second years, with the high school Men eyesight as E class teacher for 3 years. The heads of the assassination task to Men high school class E 3 years, distribution of special weapons to them, I hope the students can within a year will kill the teacher killed, successfully paid ten billion yen. At the beginning of the second semester, the state decided to successfully assassinate the person, the individual will receive a return of ten billion yen, the group can participate in a total of $thirty billion reward. The students tried to kill the teacher, the story revolves around the daily campus life. [source: Anime star]相关的主题文章: