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The young trembling heart thump down to sleep no public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public "young die." the original title: and then fell with a thud, youth sleeping in. A youth not long later on the college entrance examination, we also own to all corners of the country like a mother, like a seed, with fate spread around, not sure who will eventually bloom, or the scourge of the world. Before the college entrance examination, Peng had a dream about this thing, he asked Simon: "what do you want to learn?" Simon said: "philosophy!" "Why?" "Because there are too many unknown in the world, we all do not understand their own, do not understand this world, most people who do not know, but I want to know." Peng did not understand, but remember. The west gate, the so-called college entrance examination answer to everyone on the hand when we are readily thrown into the trash, like the streets of the leaflets as no attention. Only Peng Youyang, zizijuju back down, the result is of course he did best in the exam, Beijing was admitted to a good university, this thing is very magical, and even Simon surprised herself. As for Simon, and finally to a university in Shihezi, Peng has no idea what that is, only know that in Xinjiang, more than 3 thousand kilometers away from Beijing. From when we are very sad, the beginning is Simon jumping around, with Joseph, like the prison people happy. Then carefully pondering for a while, see everyone crying like, also began to meet the person tearful. Then walk around with Lulu sleeves said: "after graduation, you lend me some money, I am afraid again after you would not find me!" This sentence is devastating, hundreds of potential sweep away the millions of enemy troops, the school graduates, mostly red eye sleepwalk Simon lent some money, a few extremely in science class as the representative of the cool diehards, also in Simon a sentence: "don’t you believe that I made me a minute of Angola someone hacked your car." Compromise under. Then Simon used borrowed the money please eat a farewell dinner, banquet drunk countless, Peng Youyang drank the first cup of wine, bitter, astringent, but very bright and transparent, with full potential. Then he Teng stood up and walked to the front of Simon was the last turn: "I think highly of you, who I can not mix out clothes, you can not mix out I’m not satisfied, you take this ancient and modern talent, it is full of ancient for wives, a modern lover is a bed full, you go." Then a thud down, this youth sleeping. Later, a kind of youth Peng woke to a university when in love, Peng night University playground, met a girl crying in the corner, because of brokenhearted. Peng kind of all of a sudden think of the quiet, think of Simon, he took off the sweat is full of smelly clothes to the girl wiped her nose, think of Simon said to him, and gave the girl. "Not just love,"相关的主题文章: