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The UK Championship Title recommended: Coventry anti heat – Sohu too big game time: 2016. 11.10          Thursday   03:45: 1.02    asian handicap Wycombe Wanderers         0      Coventry       0.88   Europe Index: 2.50    3.15      2.50 match Preview: Thursday night to the UK Championship by four, due to the British Championships this season but many reforms, the lowly attention cup. In order to Wycombe Wanderers as an example, they have to play well after the tournament, two group team beat Northampton and West Ham were U23, two and 6 points ahead of a round they have. The war against Coventry is the top of the group dispute, since it is in the home court game, the team must fight for every inch of land. One belongs to the Coventry team winning, they start digging too much, they lead to poor position in the rankings. But as the season goes on and players recovery teams in the League recently hit series against the climax, the last 9 games the team just swallowed a remarkable performance. Because they are also ahead of schedule in the group match, the team is expected to rotate a large area of the players, so the game should not be overestimated. Handicap chase Asia Index for the game tied, the data is not too big tilt, but with the development of the market, the guest water level slowly down, now has come to 92.6% off let, but institutions did not make a move. This game is not much pressure, as the strength of strong Coventry in the great heat, the team’s recent fighting ability is poor, which see the undefeated. Half the recommendation: Ping Sheng, Sheng Ping, negative score recommended: 3:2 2:2, Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 31 let the ball Shengping Fu Wycombe Wanderers (+1) recommended: 3 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 31 英锦赛推荐:榜首之争 考文垂防热度太大-搜狐  比赛时间: 2016. 11.10    星期四    03:45   亚洲盘口: 1.02    韦康比流浪者    0    考文垂    0.88   欧洲指数: 2.50    3.15    2.50   赛事前瞻:   周四深夜英锦赛继续烽烟四起,由于本赛季英锦赛改革关系,很多弱旅反而重视了此项杯赛。以韦康比流浪者为例,他们本届赛事有出色发挥,此前两场分组赛球队分别击败北安普敦和西汉姆U23,两战积6分的他们已经提前一轮出线。本战面对考文垂是小组头名之争,既然是坐镇主场比赛,球队必定是寸土必争。考文垂属于英甲连胜球队,他们在赛季开局挖坑太大,导致他们在排名上位置不佳。不过随着赛季的深入及球员状态的复苏,球队在最近联赛接连打出抢分高潮,最近9场比赛球队只吞下一败,表现可圈可点。由于他们在分组赛同样是提前出线,本场比赛球队有望大面积轮换球员,因此作客比赛不宜过份高估。   盘口追击   亚洲指数为本场比赛开出平手盘,数据并无太大倾斜性,不过随着后市发展,客军水位缓慢下调,现时已经来到0.74折让,但机构并无做出升盘举动。这场比赛双方压力不大,作为实力较强的考文垂现时受到较大热度,球队最近客战能力较差,此战看主队不败。   半全场推荐: 平 胜, 胜 平, 负 平   比分推荐: 3:2, 2:2   北京单场没有让球,推荐:3 1   竞彩让球胜平负韦康比流浪者(+1)球,推荐:3   竞彩足球没有让球,推荐:3 1相关的主题文章: