The Tourism Bureau released the national global tourism demonstration area standards (Draft) – Beiji shuyue

The Tourism Bureau released the "national global tourism demonstration area standards (Draft)" – Beijing, September 10th, in Ningxia city centre held the second national conference of promoting global tourism, the National Tourism Bureau announced the "national global tourism demonstration area standards (Draft)" and officially to the public for comments. The "standard" including the basic requirements that national global tourism demonstration area and conditions. The basic requirements for the pre conditions, only to meet the basic requirements of the city (state), county (city, District, flag) in order to conduct a comprehensive identification of the next step. Reporters noted that the basic requirements of the establishment of the standard, including institutional mechanisms, comprehensive contribution, tourism planning, tourism toilets, security and other five aspects of civilization. Identified conditions include policy support, tourism transportation, public services, wisdom tourism, tourism environment, tourism elements, promotion, co construction and sharing of eight aspects. Among them, the policy support including policy advice, land policy, tourism projects, such as funding requirements, such as "every year to ensure a certain amount of land index for the protection of tourism projects, total investment reached a certain scale; tourist traffic including" scenic resort, the main connection, rural tourism point of higher grade highway and facilities, the full realization of the landscape "," green road slow system through the main towns and villages and scenic requirements; public services including public recreation space, tourism consulting system, travel safety, parking lot, tourism sign; wisdom tourism includes "the establishment of tourism data interoperability center, all the scenic spots flow real-time monitoring, publishing and other requirements; tourism environment including the integration of urban and rural garbage Reason "," tourism related roadside, river, lake, sea, green, clean and beautification "requirements; tourism elements of tourism products, tourist accommodation, tourism and catering, tourism shopping, tourism and entertainment are put forward requirements; promotion including" tourism promotion funds safeguard measures "," expanding new the media, new technology, new tools and new ways in the promotion of the use of "sharing" requirements; including private capital to participate in the tourism public service facilities construction mechanism "," volunteer service team "etc.. In addition, according to the "standard", the state of global tourism demonstration provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), requirements under the jurisdiction of municipalities (state) more than 70% national standards; global tourism city (state), requirements under the jurisdiction of the county (city, District, more than 70% of the standard flag). (Li Zhigang Shen Zhongliang)相关的主题文章: