The supply of coal, coal prices continued tight or steady rise — energy —

The supply of coal, coal prices continued tight   or steady rise — energy — into September, around the hot weather has ended, the influence of seasonal factors on coal market gradually weakening. But the main coal producing capacity, to control the intensity of production policy is not decreased, the market supply continued tight, coal prices will rise is still strong, the market sentiment began to increase. Industry analysts believe that the recent price of coal is expected to steadily rise, has entered a relatively stable stage. In August 31st, the Bohai thermal coal price index closed at 494 yuan / ton, achieved ten rising, compared with the previous period rose 18 yuan / ton, up 4 December 2013 hit, since October 2010 the index released by the biggest weekly gain. Qinhuangdao coal network analysts believe that behind the sharp rise, not only reflects the trend of coal market, there are also some "irrational" rising component. First of all, the coal port maintains a strong seller’s market structure; secondly, when the large coal enterprises September price adjustment time window; third, from the beginning of August, some large coal enterprises in the sales process, processing of the "fuzzy" actual settlement price, making the market coal power loss of the reference standard, boost the price index upward. In terms of origin, the latest issue of China Taiyuan coal trading price index was 83.03 points, up by 1.79% since July, rising. Strict implementation of the 276 working days after the system, many coal mines in the state of zero inventory, many coal enterprises limited shipments, part of the coking coal production enterprises have been scheduled for next month. After several rounds of inflation, coupled with the upcoming off-season consumption, the industry is expected to market price of coal is expected to gradually return to rational in September. Data show that the current level of daily consumption of six coastal power plants has been reduced to less than 600 thousand tons, the number of days available for coal recovery to about 20 days. But after September, the winter storage of coal procurement or will continue to drive the market strong. (Liang Xiaofei) (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: