The Sichuan men’s basketball team announced NBA star to join cishiping after the big attack norton disk doctor

The Sichuan men’s basketball team announced NBA star to join cishiping after the big attack Smith officially joined the Sichuan Tencent sports news November 8th officially announced the Sichuan men’s basketball team before the Rockets will, "old al Josh – Smith to join, he will temporarily replace the injured Harris in this season’s CBA league. CBA League third round, Sichuan men’s basketball team foreign aid Harris suffered a palm fracture in the game, will determine the absence of at least two months of the game. The Sichuan team had to look for foreign aid to replace him immediately. After an emergency discussion, the club decided to change foreign aid. Harris substitutes Diogo, Charles and Josh · Smith three people. Sichuan men’s basketball coach Yang Xuezeng once expressed for Josh · Smith worried, he thinks Smith such big name, I am afraid there are difficult to manage the problem, but in between the other two candidates of all kinds of problems, eventually Sichuan team or choose Smith. Sichuan announced that Smith joined Josh Smith for China fans are very familiar with, he used to play for the Atlanta hawks for 9 seasons, he also won the 2005 NBA slam dunk king here, so it is called yingwang". In recent years, he has made Chinese fans more cordial because of his rockets. Smith’s career has worked for hawks, pistons, rockets and Clippers, averaging 14.6 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. Smith’s defense and rebounds were excellent, but his temperament and outside shooting ability and bad free throw rate did not match CBA’s demand for foreign players, so his outlook was different. It is reported that his salary is between 1 million 600 thousand -200 million dollars, this price is not low, and he has become a after world peace, Sichuan signed another big NBA player. To sign the team wrote on social media: "the new season in the first round of CBA, our team foreign aid Michael Harris palm fracture injuries, the doctor determine the recovery period for 6-8 weeks. By club management and team coaching team decision, has now signed with former NBA player Josh – Smith, Josh – Smith will temporarily replace the injured Harris on behalf of my club in the CBA league. Thanks to all the media, fans and friends for PISEN Sichuan men’s basketball team concerned." He is now ready to leave for China and is expected to arrive in Chengdu this weekend.

四川男篮宣布NBA巨星加盟 慈世平后再迎大牌史密斯正式加盟四川腾讯体育11月8日讯 四川男篮对外正式宣布前火箭旧将、“鹰王”约什-史密斯加盟,他将暂时顶替受伤的哈里斯征战本赛季的CBA联赛。CBA联赛第3轮,四川男篮外援哈里斯在比赛中遭遇手掌骨折,将确定缺席至少两个月的比赛。令四川队不得不马上寻找外援替换他。俱乐部经过紧急商讨,决定更换外援。而哈里斯的替代者则集中在迪奥古、查尔斯和约什·史密斯这三个人身上。四川男篮主帅杨学增曾经表达过对于约什·史密斯的担忧,他认为史密斯这样的大牌恐怕存在难以管理的问题,不过介于另外两个人选的各种问题,最终四川队还是选择了史密斯。四川宣布史密斯加盟约什-史密斯对于中国球迷来说很熟悉,他曾效力亚特兰大鹰队9个赛季,在这里他还在2005年获得过NBA扣篮王,因此被称“鹰王”。而他近年来由于效力火箭的缘故,也让中国球迷更亲切。史密斯的职业生涯曾效力老鹰、活塞、火箭和快船等球队,场均可以贡献14.6分、7.5个篮板、3.1次助攻。史密斯的防守和篮板非常出色,但他的脾气与外线投射能力、糟糕的罚球命中率似乎与CBA对外援的要求又不太吻合,因此他的前景褒贬不一。据悉他的薪水在160万-200万美元之间,这个价格着实不低,而他也成为慈世平后,四川签下的又一位NBA大牌球员。对于签下史密斯,球队在社交媒体写道:“在新赛季CBA第二轮比赛,我队外援迈克-哈里斯手掌骨裂受伤,经医生判定恢复期为6-8周。经俱乐部管理层和球队教练组研究决定,目前已与前NBA球员约什-史密斯签约,约什-史密斯将暂时顶替受伤的哈里斯代表我俱乐部征战CBA联赛。感谢所有的媒体、球迷朋友对四川品胜男篮的关心。”目前他已准备动身前往中国,预计本周末抵达成都。相关的主题文章: