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The seventh tour of Poyang Lake will start the 22 global occupation team – Beijing Beijing in August 30 Nanchang Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhankun) Beijing, 30 reporters from the 2016 session of the Seventh Central Poyang Lake International bicycle competition (hereinafter referred to as "Po ring race") press conference was informed that the "Po ring game" will be there are more than 200 players from Chinese, America, France, Australia and other 33 countries and regions participating, the athletes across five continents. The director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau Yan Juteng said at the press conference, held 11 of the contest will Jingan, in the province of Yichun from September 12th to 23, Jiujiang, Wuning, Nanchang high tech Zone, Jingdezhen Leping, Shangrao Hengfeng, Fuzhou, Yingtan, Mount Longhu Dream Lake Jiangkou Reservoir in Xinyu, Pingxiang Wugong Mountain, Ji’an Wugong Mountain, Ganzhou Shangyou Anfu, schedule 1358.7 km, transit mileage of 1733 kilometers, the total mileage of 3091.7 km. Yan Juteng said, the game continues to sing the "Po ring riding over the vast land, Jiangxi scenery alone good" theme at the same time, actively coordinate the construction of "beautiful Chinese Jiangxi model". In the choice of the track, pay attention to the beautiful ecology, landscape, focusing on the Poyang Lake international cycling competition to promote the construction of ecological civilization in Jiangxi, a large international brand competition. Reporters learned that the tournament schedule is set according to international standards, increased the track climbing stage and sprint, increasing competition mileage. Competition schedule from last year’s 1080 km, extended to 1358.7 km, to enhance the difficulty of the game and ornamental. The meeting, Yan Juteng also revealed that the team currently enrolled in the five continents around the world, a total of 22 teams. From the Kenya team is the first ever match Po ring participating African team. Poyang Lake is China’s largest freshwater lake, is the world’s important wetlands. Sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government of the Poyang Lake International bicycle competition since 2010 kicked off, has been successfully held six sessions. (end)相关的主题文章: