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The rural financial industry chain Jingdong snatch Ali fight advanced rural finance rural financial struggle is to infiltrate the segments. The day before, the financial Jingdong flashed a anniversary transcript: in the "double path + electricity supplier countryside agricultural town", by virtue of the advantages of logistics network, has been doing business in the country in 1500 counties and 300 thousand administrative villages. Although the amount of lending but its roots carefully conceal mentioning the advantage of logistics network, channel building has been on the scale of the financial services industry, focusing on the direction of the chain is also clear. Similarly, the ants follow the logic of the king is also to allow farmers to buy things, to help farmers sell things for farmers loans, the electricity supplier to the countryside three steps. The ant payment service business "to" China reporter data show that as of mid October this year, nearly 18 thousand village village Amoy Alibaba has covered 28 provinces in 400 counties, nearly 20 thousand rural development Taobao partner and Amoy helper. It is worth noting that, in addition to continuing the sinking of the channel war, the two rural financial "has entered into a new stage. In the financial services industry chain Jingdong strategy is frequently stressed at the same time, in May this year, the construction of closed-loop supply chain of agricultural products layout financial + electricity + agricultural production "is also the rural financial ant gold dress as the next step in planning is put forward. With two in depth, the industry chain more abundant data to snatch with strong ability to control the wind is becoming the new direction of the rural financial market competition. Consensus – open up the industrial chain closed loop expansion of the rural finance in the layout of the channel, the whole industry chain of financial services is becoming a prominent feature of Jingdong finance. Official information shows that the current financial services provided by Jingdong, including financial management, credit, public raise three types. The whole industry chain full product chain of financial services in the downlink channel electricity supplier to the countryside ", mainly by the country. "Do not pay cash, sold within a month after the return, you can not operate." Tianjin of Jixian County Guo village Jingdong rural extension agent Liu Jiandong, which is the core meaning of the rural. In fact, this demand comes from the common rural couples wife shop, these stores because of the purchase of channel restrictions can not buy cheap and regular products, cash flow is also more difficult." Jingdong, said Hong Jie, head of rural finance. The upper limit of 30 thousand yuan of consumer credit, farmers can obtain funds in the purchase of Jingdong through the mall after the capital return to repay IOUs, IOUs, "industrial chain closed loop can greatly reduce the risk of such." In the agricultural products into the city, the upward path, is facing a broader rural credit field. Jingdong financial due to the electricity supplier can no longer only use the closed-loop advantage, but must choose to cooperate with large agricultural enterprises and insurance companies, Guarantee corporation. In October 2015, Shandong and Sichuan financial Jingdong Wenshang benevolence as a pilot area, with the large agricultural enterprises and local government cooperation, launched the "pioneer Beijing agriculture" and "the Beijing agricultural credit, aquaculture farmers alignment purchase and sale of agricultural products in agricultural credit demand. Data show that the operation of the product has covered a year, including Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Hebei, Shandong and other 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions"相关的主题文章: