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The rover rabbit is the actual author: Chengdu girls – Beijing, Chengdu daily chief reporter Zhao Qian Beijing reported male rabbit vision for lunar rover account, "he is young, simple but great courage and strong, very optimistic, he was a boy, he is not weak." "We think the rabbit will feel very pink, we must act in a diametrically opposite way, users will argue his sex, it will be very interesting." Chengdu girl originally Ji small kiosk is envisaged, few people turn micro-blog update. But were only Iraqi wrote a post, she is considered to be the most suitable author. Born in 1989, the Chengdu girls love science, and with a bit of rational temperament. Nutshell network editor Xu believes that she is on the surface of the moon I stand alone. The team behind the rabbit, of course, is not just a person. Xinhua news agency, authoritative source of information for the rabbit, nutshell network science editor ENT and shell network technology and the Master provide professional support. In some cases, ENT even in the case of Iraq only temporary as a rabbit when the B angle". "If the rabbit is awake, he might want to know what the new taste of moon cake and out of the earth. The mid autumn festival." Zong Yi can not help but think so. A month ago, the first Chinese Rover Yutu retired, so far, it work more than 31 months. Micro-blog on the accumulation of the 610 thousand fans of the "Red Net" lunar rover, is no longer sound — although many users still continue a message calling for moon, hope it can wake up. The micro-blog account originally is to try the Xinhua News Agency on the external shell network and cooperation experimental, but never thought of being sought after red science network. The original shell network responsible for the operation of the Chengdu girl were only Iraqi, lunar rover is the actual author. And when she wrote the last rabbit farewell manifesto, she had left for an online education company. Bye bye for less than 100 words she thought about the micro-blog for two hours "Hi, this is really good night! There are a lot of questions you want to know…… But I’ve already seen a rabbit with the most stars! If you go deeper and deeper into the universe, be sure to take a picture and save it for me." In July 31st, has been more than two years of lunar rover finally issued a micro-blog on micro-blog. Say goodbye to this letter of the rabbit, the harvest of 40 thousand forwarding, 20 thousand reading, until the two day, there are still netizens still did not give up the message, hope can the rabbit in the Mid Autumn Festival to wake up, wake up call for the rabbit to eat moon cake. Lunar rover is behind the actual authors were only Iraqi told the Chengdu Daily reporter, moon rover finished its mission, micro-blog on the rabbit also really want to end. This account will not update, will sleep. Nutshell network editor Xu, as an artistic creation, so that the end is the most perfect, never come back. After hearing the moon rover stopped working retirement news, has left the shell.相关的主题文章: