The probability of the daily mission of the hearthstone is changed to the probability of a friendly cancam

The daily mission probability of the hearthstone is changed to the friendly match probability of 1%– Sina hearthstone legend area dear children, do you still remember who I am? Although there are laws in Japan, the number of cards related to the probability of the game to open and transparent to the players, but not enough to go to the side of the father of the storm, and the probability of the task and the probability of opening the package is not a thing. Since dad doesn’t want to publish it, I’ll have to do it myself. Since the start of the friendly match, I began the task related research, but the new version of a large task to push my previous results into a piece of waste paper, the first distressed himself. However, do not think that science dogs will give up because of this setback. The so-called not only happy people happy, so I am willing to share the results, so I reprint is welcome, but at least four NGA indication from xian. Then get down to business now, for the types of tasks are not familiar with can open the understanding about the basic science. Hearthstone legend can be repeated to complete a total of 72 types of daily tasks in October 21st to update the version of the line, the old task of the 37, the new task of the 35. There is a misunderstanding, a lot of people think such as random two wins is the task of any combination of two occupation, namely 36 kinds of combination; in fact it is wrong, the combination type two occupation collocation is fixed, only 9 kinds, respectively: on animal husbandry, animal husbandry operation, operation SA, SA method, game method Liede, German thief, thief, war, war riding, simply means that each occupation is only two. Task type old task (37) 1. Random 2 career wins (40G): a total of 9 kinds of 2. 2. General conditions of task (40G): including three wins, straight from the enemy, all destroyed, bullying, but not fast breaking, magic master, a total of 6 kinds of. 3. Random single career 3 wins (50G): a total of 9 kinds. 4. 2 random occupation 5 wins control (60G): a total of 9. 5. All 5 wins (60G): this task has some particularity, only can appear in the initial pool of tasks in non 40G tasks, so listed separately. 6. Welfare tasks include: (7 wins), the match Ever-victorious general task, a total of 2 kinds of. 7. Friendly (80G): papa’s conscience. New tasks (35) (1). Using 30 random single career cards (40G): a total of 9. 2. General use task (50G): I will usually be a task of this kind is classified as "wonderful", including the use of 30 skills, 10 enraged, 10 Holy Shield, 20 deathwhisper, 20 10 pirates, 20 taunt beast, 15 demons, 10 mysteries, 10 weapons, 10 times, 15 overload, 10 8 fee a total of 13. 3. 30 or 50G, you may be wondering, why not merge into the above classification? The whole reading will see, which do a great deal of mystery. 4. The use of 50 random single card, collectively known as proficient (60G): a total of 9 kinds. 5. Out of 75 fish or war Roar (100G): 2..相关的主题文章: