The north and south two Zhang Zhang for Zhang Qiang for the first time in thirty years. winfast

"The north and south two Zhang Zhang Xing Zhang Qiang after thirty years for the first time with the one Zhang Qiang Sina entertainment news" north south two "in the name of the famous 80s singer Zhang [micro-blog], Zhang Qiang [micro-blog], the night of October 29th in Shanghai to participate in the Love Radio" love party". It is reported that this is their debut 30 years for the first time with the. Two people dressed in retro fashion dress with the band on stage performances. 1986 boarded the United States, Time, Zhang Qiang, overwhelmed by the exclusive band from Beijing. At the scene, she not only sang in 80s hit "a fire in winter", "street girl", "annoying autumn", will be the new album "2013 in cooperation with the new pants don’t ask me what is the song" disco dance together to send electronic. Zhang Qiang admitted that now her audience, not only the old fans of the year, as well as the new addition of 80, even after the 00, in the rhythm of disco music, everyone is full of freedom and happiness, there is no point of age. An earlier party press conference for "I don’t love a little meat on the controversy, Zhang Qiang said:" a lot of little meat tonight, I hope they love my song." Zhang Xing, had long lost fans for many years, in recent years also has been back. In a "road", "spring, summer, autumn and winter," the classic melody, Zhang line through the river of time, with the audience aftertaste of the lost time. When the "late" Melody sounded, everyone along with Zhang loud chorus. In an interview for a magnanimous talking about one thing: "in my red fell in a year." And describe it as a joke." Asked about the view of popular culture on he said: just as we love our predecessors not playing the guitar to wear jeans, when you don’t love when don’t criticize. (the struggle Utopia) (commissioning editor: Rolls Royce)相关的主题文章: