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The new version of hearthstone will promote the prosperity of Hong Kong garkisen clues! Sina hearthstone legend area spowa just updated, the headline: Gadgetzan Hong Kong will promote prosperity. News content may have been completed, the full version of the official release, and more interactive content we have updated, in the end what the new series will be, or pending. The first phase of the city daily Gadgetzan cannot break through the bank completed. (check) garkisen port will promote prosperity! Although Gakisen is an oasis on the edge of the desert, but now has been out of the disaster, becoming the new port city of Ai Ze Lars and shopping paradise. Mayor Noggenfogger pursues liberal economic policy. Gakisen also can deal with all over the world, you can in the local market (Mega Market) to buy anything you want or don’t want anything (also as anyone). When asked about the recent rumors, and the smuggling of illegal drugs and the strange red crystal, a mysterious figure wearing a cloak and hood, the mayor denied, and find an excuse to leave immediately. A secret message into the city disguised dragon people have no chance to ask. Big market! Numerous shops and stalls! Enjoy pancakes in the country of food! Free local map and compass Coupons: get free iced Cara like cola, can only use the walrus brothers in your first consumer market: totem totem, sale almost new, fire Golem and Mana Tide are! Cara Cola: Supernatural ingredients to ensure safety. Healthy red drink, full of energy! 64 oz is now listed on the Talan bar, the official website of the face book, you would like to drink something? Last time we were able to chat with Talan on the Facebook page of the links provided by the advertisement. The newspaper posted the link again, and I talked to Talan again, and found some of the dialogue is not the same as last time. This is what Talan said when he called the player out of the store:"…… Look at that woman over there…… She’s staring at the man over there. Do you think she’s happy to see him? "No, the answer is no.. That girl looks like she’s going to kill the gang. And they have a group of people, just like a fight posture, isn’t it? What do you think this means?" In addition, I found that Blizzard is really addict right swim idiotic powder. The last time we introduced, if you answered "Game of Throne" when Talan asked you what you were reading recently, he would reply, "the Gadgetzan never forgets (never forgotten)". This time I deliberately back to the sentence "The Witchers (" Wizards ")," Talan came a sentence like the answer: "Hello tiger balm! I can’t be bothered to listen. You’d better not here to show your cleverness. Here is good.相关的主题文章: