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The National Swimming Championships ended in Zhejiang Guangdong have each won seven gold – Hefei sports Sohu Xinhua sports news (reporter Zhou Chang Yang Dingmiao September 13th) held in Anhui Mount Huangshan National Swimming Championships on the evening of 13. The Rio Olympic Games men’s 200 meter freestyle gold medal winner Sun Yang, women’s 100 meters backstroke bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui were absent from the game. Olympic silver medalist Xu Jiayu won the men’s 200 meter freestyle gold medal and Olympic bronze medalist Wang Shun jinyiyin harvest. The number of gold medals, the Zhejiang team and Guangdong team each won 7 gold shares. The Rio Olympics won the silver medal in men’s 100 meter backstroke Xu Jiayu at the national championships on the harvest of the men’s 200 meter freestyle gold medal, but did not enter the final in the 100 meter backstroke and 200 meter backstroke. After the Rio Olympics continue to participate in the National Swimming Championships, Xu Jiayu said: "the main competition, hope that their state is stable at a level. There may be a holiday adjustment." Along with 1 points 57 seconds 05 achievement gains the men’s 200 meters individual medley bronze Wang at the Rio Olympics, the National Swimming Championships in 1 minutes and 57 seconds 74 won the title of the project, and won a silver medal in the men’s 50 meter backstroke. After the Olympic Games has been adjusted, in summary, the performance of their Olympic Games is quite unexpected." Wang Shun said: "every game in the future will be able to break through their own." On behalf of the Guangdong team Liu Xiang, the harvest of the women’s 50 meter backstroke and 50 meter freestyle gold medal. "The Olympic Games came back to catch a cold for two weeks not how to practice, now this achievement is quite normal. The next step is to prepare for the winter training, freestyle and backstroke will be combined with the practice, I set out the details of the poor, will be in the details behind the practice." Liu Xiang said. On behalf of the Hebei Thailand team played Zhou Yilin won the women’s 100 meters butterfly champion and 200 meter butterfly runner up. Zhou Yilin said: after the Olympic Games, there is no systematic training, review of the Olympic Games feel that they need to accumulate experience, but also need to improve the ability to participate in a number of games to accumulate experience." Ye Shiwen at the National Swimming Championship to enroll in a number of projects, including the women’s 100 meter freestyle did not enter the finals, the 200 meter freestyle 100 meter breaststroke abstained, won the sixth meter butterfly, 200 eighth. Ye said before, not how to swim breaststroke, the breaststroke is already the best performance of the project she. I feel rather tired, or need to restore the body." Ye poetry revealed that the next phase will go to Tsinghua University for a period of time, when they have time to travel as far as possible. (end)相关的主题文章: